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How to play Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Idle Clicker/Management Game

Codigames, the gaming publisher, is known to develop fun idle games, and their latest release titled Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game is no exception. It’s about helping a fictional character become successful in life. As a result, you will manage important decisions for them. The adventure starts with customizing appearance for your character. You will be able to choose a hairstyle, facial attributes, and even an outfit.

If you have played a game like BitLIfe – Life Simulator, then you will find the gameplay in this one quite familiar. However, this particular one from Codigames stands out thanks to the idle gameplay it offers. Once you set some things in motion, your character will keep earning money without you having to do much. There is even an impersonator robot that you can buy, which keeps earning money for your character for four hours when you are away.

Besides being easy-to-play, Idle Life Sim has a charm of its own. You get to interact with the character’s grandma, who happens to be quite chatty. She will occasionally visit and offer help to her favorite grandchild.

Manage a Career

At the core of Idle Life Sim is a career system. Therefore, the player has to select a profession right off the bat. There are three career paths to choose from including art, technology, sports, and gastronomy. Once you choose what you want to do, your character will keep earning an income every hour. In reality, though, the in-game hour is just five seconds or so, after which you earn your hourly wage. You can see how much money you have at any time by checking your earnings at the top left corner of your screen.

After earning some money, you can buy outfits for your character. There are plenty of trousers, shirts, tees, shoes, and sunglasses at the shop.

To earn more income, you can seek a promotion. However, you have to earn it by reaching a new level and learning new skills that elevate your career. On the other hand, the modules that you learn also provide other buffs. For example, you might get a percentage increase in the hourly wage, discounts on clothes or furniture, and so on.

Learning new modules cost you money, so there is a constant need to choose which ones offer the best buffs. What’s more, you have to buy a specific number of these courses to unlock promotions.

House Customization Quests

Idle Life Sim depicts the life of a young adult who is just starting to fend for him/herself. Consequently, you will need a place to stay. Your first house is a simple room in the suburbs. The rent is really cheap because no one wants to live there. Once you level up, you will unlock better houses to move into. New homes are bigger but you have to pay some money to live there.

You will also spend quite a bit of time customizing your crib with new furniture. Just visit Giuseppe’s home decor store to see what items are available. From beds and desks to TVs, stylish poufs and more, there are all kinds of furnishings to make your house look lovely.

These items don’t come free, though, since you have to spend your money on every furnishing you want to place in the house. The more furniture you get, the more status your character receives. Ultimately, customizing homes is how players level up in the game.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game on PC

  • Prioritize Task Sheet Objectives

When you see an exclamation mark on the square box at the upper right corner of your screen, it means that there is a challenge waiting for you in the task sheet. Make sure to work on the goals listed there as soon as possible because you get lumps of extra gems and cash when you accomplish these simple feats.

  • Do Extra Jobs

In Idle Life Sim, doing side jobs will double your hourly income. However, this involves watching a short 30-second video. The advantage, though, is that the x2 multiplier remains active for ten minutes. If you stream more ads until the multiplier gauge fills up, your income will double for one hour. What’s more, watching six videos will reward you with gem packs, which you can use to buy rare furniture for the house, double offline income, or refresh what’s on sale at the shop.

  • Take Handouts from Grandma

Occasionally, grandma will visit you at your place and offer to give you some money. After all, you are her grandchild and she wants to see you succeed. You just have to watch a short video to get the money she’s offering. To take the bonus cash, tap on grandma’s face when it appears on the right side of the screen.

  • Spend Your Money Wisely

While you can spend the money you earn on clothes and accessories, it is better to save as much as you can to buy a bigger house. New outfits may improve how your character looks but they don’t offer any buff.

  • Buy Furniture Items That Boost Your Status

There are all kinds of furniture in the showroom but look for options that relate to your career. For instance, if you choose to become an athlete, you might see sports-themed items. Other career choices have matching furnishings too. When you place such items in your home, you get double status. Therefore, keep an eye out for these items and buy them first when available. Next to career-related furniture, you will see a banner indicating x2 with a crown on top of the label.

  • Unlock the Multiverse Feature

The multiverse feature unlocks after you upgrade up your character to level six. Once activated, you will be able to venture into another career. The best part is that you get to keep multiple character accounts and can switch between them at any time. So, if you are wondering what different career choices hold in store for you, Idle Life Sim – Simulator makes it easy for you to explore more without having to start over, as is the case with other similar games.


About Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game:

Are you fond of idle games that test your management skills? Well, Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game gives players this kind of rush. The challenge is to help your character have a successful and profitable career. Transform your avatar’s lifestyle gradually by making strategic decisions that will improve their personal and professional life. Help them choose a profession, buy a house, go shopping to buy new furniture, and keep learning more to grow their career. It is an easy-to-play clicker that brings a new concept in the idle game genre. Download it today to start your epic tale. The fate of your avatar is in your hands.

Developer: Codigames
Download: Android or iOS

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