Idle Heroes On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Trailer)

Create Your Ultimate Team

Idle Heroes is a game which proves that there is nothing stronger than love and friendship. The heroes that you will meet during gameplay are anything but idle. The combination of uniqueness and simplicity that the game offers makes it one of a kind. You will start your journey from Sara Forest and make your way to the High Heaven. Your main job is to lead six heroes into the ancient ruins where they will battle the forces of darkness. One thing is for sure; this is not a game for the faint at heart. Once you meet your selected heroes, you will be required to train them into powerful heroes or convert them into evolving spiritual forces.

Enjoy the combat

Unlike other similar games that may offer intense combat, Idle Heroes simply requires you to click on the battle option and your heroes will attack, using whatever special powers they have. Whether you are on the road and are looking for a bit of excitement through your mobile phone or want to Download Idle Heroes For PC to get that amazing gameplay experience, you can never go wrong with this game.

A Game That Is Full of Amazing Features

Idle Heroes is equipped with many features that make the game enjoyable. There are multiple campaign levels that should be conquered, a summoning circle where you can call in heroes to fight for you and graphics that are to die for. If you Download Idle Heroes For PC, you will be able to enjoy this divine gameplay and so much more.

Put Your Game Face On

As the title of the game suggests, the battles are mostly idled. You can only play once you fill up your combat (slots 2 front and 6 back) with heroes that are selected from the hero circle. You will enjoy everything from fighting in the forest, abyss, dark and light to honing your skills in the forest. You are free to level up and empower your heroes.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Idle Heroes

In order to build a successful team of heroes, you must apply the right strategies and tactics. There are many common aspects to consider that will ensure that your team is the best it can be. These tips and tricks will get you far beyond your competition:

· Research about your heroes before selecting them

It is important to rank heroes against each other well in order to build the best team. Check their star rating but beyond this, ensure that your hero has the combination of skills and power that you need. It is also wise to select a hero according to their in-game statistics.

· Diversify your classes

Ensure that your Idle Heroes are diverse, for instance, one hero can be a warrior and the other a priest. Always ensure that you have at least one warrior who will protect you from most of the damage. Consider their abilities and see what works best for you.

· The warrior should act as a tank

The warrior should always be at the battle front line in order to ensure that other heroes do not take as much damage. Warriors are damage dealers who will make the difference between success and failure.

· Do not make the most of the team composition bonuses

Bonuses from your team composition are always helpful. However, upgrading your heroes and leveling them up can be more beneficial than the composition bonus. This is because the bonus requires you to concede the weakest hero in your team.

Idle Heroes
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About Idle Heroes:

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