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How to play Idle Golf on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Run a Golf Driving Range

Idle Golf is a unique simulation game from Hothead Games. It is available for both Android and iOS. If you prefer larger screens when playing games, scroll down the page to discover how to install Idle Golf for PC. First, though, let’s get into what this game is about. Idle Golf is unlike most golf simulation games. Instead of playing the sport, your task is to manage a driving range. Golfers come to practice their drive shots and you charge them for using your facility. It’s a simple concept, but one that you can have a lot of fun with when looking to pass some free time.

Self-Playing Idle Game

As with all idle games or clickers, this creation from Hothead Games rewards you with currency for performing a simple action. All you have to do is click on golfers who are on the range to collect cash. The driving range can accommodate up to eight golfers at once but you only have one tee open when you start. You’ll have to keep playing to unlock the remaining seven slots.

Automatic earning is a quintessential feature of clicker or idle games.  In Idle Golf, coaches collect money even after you exit the game. You will find this feature very useful at higher levels in the game, where upgrades cost handsome amounts that might take forever to accumulate through active play.

While your golf driving range will continue to generate money even when you are not actively playing, it does not mean that there is no point to open Idle Golf. To claim your offline earnings or acquire upgrades, you must load the game.

Cute Graphics

Although Hothead Games settled for 2D graphics with Idle Golf, this game has funny audio-visual effects. The golfers are no doubt cute. Their antics will make you chuckle, especially when they throw the golf club in frustration or break into a dance after destroying the golf course mower. The default driving range is also beautifully designed. It features a lush course with trees and peaks in the backdrop. After earning enough cash, you can earn trophies and keys. The latter reward can unlock other driving range locations such as the Birdie Beach, Sand Trap, Misty Mountain, and Mile High Club.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Idle Golf on PC

  • Unlock all Tees

The driving range has space for up to eight tees. That is the maximum number of golfers that can be practicing at the same time. Make sure to keep all the tees busy. The more tees you have, the more cash you can collect.

  • Use Pro Options

After you win your first trophy, certain professional options will unlock. For instance, the pro shop becomes available, which you can visit for a chance to acquire lots of fantastic gear and boosts. You will also be able to hire pro golfers, who provide awesome boosts to your driving range.

  • Increase Rewards up to Four Times

After damaging the golf course mower, a screen pops up requesting you to collect your reward. There is also an offer to watch an ad and quadruple your bonus. Take advantage of this offer to increase your cash reserves.

  • Automate Cash Collection

As mentioned earlier, coaches will continue to collect cash from golfers even if the game is closed.  But, you have to raise a certain amount of money to unlock coaches. If an open tee has no coach, you have to manually click on the golfer to collect cash. Therefore, never leave any open tee without a coach.


About Secret Idle Golf:

As expected from a clicker game, Idle Golf is very easy to play. The fact that it keeps playing in your absence means that you don’t have to be an experienced gamer to thrive in this game. Hothead Games also designed Idle Golf to appeal to the masses by incorporating some funny elements into the game. Cute graphics, cool animations, and bewildering income generation certainly make this game appealing. But, the ability to acquire upgrades for exponential earning is what creates the desire to return. Overall, this is a fantastic idle game for the casual gamer who wants something simple and fun to play.

Developer: Hothead Games
Download: Android or iOS

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