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How to play

How to play Idle Construction 3D on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Have Fun Constructing Virtual Buildings

For those who love to build things, Idle Construction 3D is a fun game to play when bored. So, this app is an excellent creation from Green Panda Games. That is the same team behind titles such as Terrarium, Idle Human, among others. They published a fun city-building game that also doubles up as an idle clicker.

Essentially, your task is to manage construction workers and build properties as fast as possible. So, every project starts off with an empty lot. Once you deploy workers, the construction goes on automatically.  As the building takes shape, you earn coins, gain XP, and level up.  And, with every building you complete, another interesting one opens up for construction.

Complete Structures with Lovely Architecture

The fun part of playing Idle Construction 3D for PC or mobile is the wide range of buildings that you get to put up. The houses feature different architectural styles. What’s more, there is always a fun fact to read about the building you are about to construct. Most of them are famous landmarks like the Empire State Building, Burj Al Arab skyscraper, U.S capital Building, and Harvard Widener Library, to name just a few.

After completing construction, the game will ask you to add ornaments and spruce up the final structure. These final touches improve the aesthetic appeal of your handy work and buildings will not be complete without them. They can include grass, trees, fences, outdoor lamps, helipads, and so much more. Additional ornaments will continue to unlock as you move on to the next building, each one boasting new designs and themes.

Become a Construction Tycoon

One common characteristic of idle clicker games is automated tasks that focus on collecting lots of in-game currency. Well, Idle Construction 3D for PC and mobile is no different. Building work goes on automatically, leaving you free to manage construction and make money for services rendered.

Now, there are three simple ways to maximize your gold and become a building tycoon. Firstly, you can level up the earnings function to increase your coin multiplier. Payments increase once you upgrade this buff. Secondly, you can upgrade the building speed. As a result, workers will move quickly with the construction. Thirdly, there is an option to hire more workers to get the work done even faster. Once you collect enough cash to level up buffs, you can buy upgrades with a simple tap.

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Tips & Tricks for Playing Idle Construction 3D on PC

  • Take a Spin

Keep an eye on the upper-left corner of your screen because a colorful spin wheel pops-up regularly. It gives players a chance to take part in a lucky draw but there is a brief window to use it. Taking a spin is free, so don’t let the opportunity pass because you could earn coins and diamonds. You can then exchange the latter premium currency for time wraps and boosters.

  • Multiply Your Rewards

When you level up, a green button pops-up on the upper right corner. Tapping it will allow you to collect a big pile of coins. Additionally, you can increase the loot by up to five times by watching a short video advertisement. The other way to do this is by spending diamonds, but it is prudent to save your premium currency for buying better boosts.

  • Click to Build Faster

Another helpful tip to keep in mind is that workers speed up with the construction when you tap the screen or click on the construction area. So, apart from clicking the screen when there are enough funds for an upgrade, make sure to perform this simple act as well. It will come in handy when you want a building to complete faster while playing Idle Construction 3D for PC or mobile.

  • Claim VIP Profits

Lastly, claiming VIP profits is another way to collect more gold as you play this game. All you have to do is tap the bus full of workers when it drives by along the road. A short video ad will stream and reward you with a VIP bonus in return.


About Idle Construction 3D:

Idle Construction 3D is a decent game full of interesting structures to build. Players can enjoy the colorful world while putting up many architecturally impressive buildings. Playing the game is easy. There are no complex blueprints to master. All you have to do is deploy workers and manage them. As you sit idly watching the buildings take shape, you can hire more labor, issue instructions to speed up construction, or boost the coin multiplier with a simple tap of the screen. The game fell short on the idle aspect since there is currently no way to continue earning game currency after exiting. It would be a great addition to include in the game as the developers continue to roll out more updates in the future.

Developer: Green Panda Games
Download: Android or iOS

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