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Turn-Based Combat Idle RPG

Idle Agents: Evolved is the first game from game publisher Droidelite Co., Limited on the Android platform. If you are into combat RPGs, then it is worth checking out. The game involves sending a team of agents to do battle with evil forces. Your fighters collect gold and other resources that you can use for upgrades and crafting equipment.

During fights, two teams take turns to attack each other. Agents also accumulate energy from attacking or taking damage. Once fully charged, they can unleash a unique skill.

Each side can also have a maximum of six heroes in the arena. HP for combatants keeps reducing after taking damage. Once out of health (represented by a green bar above each character), a hero exits the arena. The last team standing wins the battle loot, which can include EXP, gold, shards, diamonds, equipment, crafting materials, and so much more.

Although designed to run on mobile devices by default, it is also possible to play Idle Agents: Evolved for PC. Whichever gadget you prefer, playing this game is easy because of the auto-battle mode. As a result, you only need to focus on building a strong team. The best part is that there is idle gameplay. Therefore, your legendary agents will keep grinding for resources, even when you are offline.

Summon Fierce Agents for Battle

Players jump into the world of Idle Agents: Evolved after a catastrophic event has taken place. A time-space explosion left behind a vast fissure and opened up the link between worlds. Chaos now rages on between the factions. The time-space energy allows you to activate a link to recruit agents.

You can obtain agents in a variety of ways. Firstly, gold will buy low-tier characters from the market. Secondly, you can spend diamonds to purchase agentic space-time scrolls, which contain more energy that is capable of summoning more powerful fighters. Thirdly, shards can establish a directional link. Once you have enough of these materials, you can direct the corresponding agents to link to your realm.

Different Game Modes Available

Besides the primary campaign, Idle Agents: Evolved for PC and mobile offers other game modes for those looking for more loot or a different challenge. For example, you will challenge real people instead of bots in the PvP mode. You can also join a guild and team up with other players to engage in cross-server wars or go on boss raids. There are plenty of events as well to participate in and collect epic rewards upon winning.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Idle Agents: Evolved on PC

  • Recall Weak Heroes

Once you build a battle roster with plenty of powerful 5-star agents, you can dismantle the weaker units at the Gate of Recall. Although you lose a hero with this action, the silver lining is that you gain materials that can improve your best fighters.

  • Equip & Level-Up Your Heroes

As you clear challenges in the game, you will receive all kinds of gear for your heroes. For instance, this can include weapons, armor, and more. Make sure to put any equipment you obtain to good use. Additionally, remember to level up your heroes to increase their hp, attack, speed, and defense. However, it is wise to improve your most powerful units first because resources are scarce.

  • Formations Should be Tactical

When positioning your agents on the battlefield, don’t merely drop them anywhere. It is essential to consider the attributes of each fighter when deciding where to place them. For example, tanks with high health would be great to have in the frontline. On the other hand, keep your vulnerable high damage dealers in the back.

  • Invite Friends to Play

Inviting friends to play Idle Agents: Evolved allows you to earn hearts. These resources can unlock new chests in the Dimensional Gate. So, make sure to add all your gaming pals in the game to get some free loot.

  • Claim Your Rewards

Another option you have when it comes to freebies is claiming all your rewards. From diamonds to equipment to heroes, there are plenty of useful rewards to collect from the daily check-in section. The in-game mail also sends you a welcome message with 150 four-star agent shards and 50 five-star Lizard Warlock Mathew Shards, plus five agentic space-time scrolls. As you make more progress, keep checking if there are any achievement, level-up, or event rewards to claim.


About Idle Agents: Evolved:

Six factions are at war in Idle Agents: Evolved, a new turn-based RPG published by Droidelite Co., Limited. It's your job to recruit heroes and deploy them on the battlefield to fight for glory and resources. Although you can have six agents in the arena at any given time, there are over 326 fighters across the different worlds and more than 100 skills to use. Therefore, there is no end to the strategies you can use in this game. Besides building a roster of fighters, you will also upgrade your team, compete in cross-server guild wars, challenge others in the PvP arena, as well as collect and craft rare equipment.

Developer: Droidelite Co., Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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