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Rooftop Brawl

‘I, The One’ for PC and mobile is an action fighting game with a simple concept. You challenge other players from all over the world in real-time to rooftop brawls. Your goal is to knock other contestants off the arena and send them tumbling down a skyscraper to meet their epic demise. What’s more, everyone is unarmed to even the playing field. Therefore, you can only rely on your fists and feet to fight for survival. Do your best to become the last man or woman standing, and earn the bragging rights to call yourself ‘I The One. ‘

When you win matches, there is a cash reward that can buy boxing gloves and other accessories for your fighter. You can also use in-game currency to purchase new skins or a boost that allows you to start the match at a specific level right off the bat.

Additionally, there are plenty of arenas to unlock as you progress through the game. Some of the battlefields even have you participate in team-based fights.

Dynamic Skills

When it comes to combat techniques, each player has the same set of skills. For instance, you can attack your rivals with punches, kicks, shoves, and some acrobatic moves. However, abilities keep changing depending on the level of your fighter, and everyone starts the game at level-1.

There is also a circular level gauge on top of every player. Once it fills up, your rank number will increase by a factor of one. It charges up each time you successfully hit opponents. Although leveling up changes your combat move, keep in mind that you can use only one fighting style on any level.

Granted, leveling up increases your strength. However, a lower-ranked player can still knock you off the arena because some combat moves pack quite a punch regardless of the level. For example, you can do a cartwheel at level-5 that merely drops opponents to the floor, but the lower-ranked level-4 kick will send rivals flying several feet across the arena. As a result, you have to have a sound strategy to emerge as the last one standing.

Simple Controls

Other action fighting games tend to have plenty of skill-casting buttons plastered all over the bottom right side of the screen. However, this game is easy to play because there are only two controls. The clenched fist icon to your right is the fighting command. Press it when within striking range, and you will attack the nearby opponent. On the other hand to your left side, you will find the navigation joystick helps to move your fighter around the battle arena.


Tips and Tricks for Playing I, The One – Action Fighting Game on PC

  • Stay Away From the Edges

Anyone knocked off the roof, or battle arena loses. Therefore, a smart strategy is to stay away from the edges. Instead, lure your opponents near the rooftop sides so that you can knock them out with ease.

  • Use Items in the Arena

There are all kinds of items in the arena that can turn into weapons. For instance, the first arena has a basketball and boxes that you can kick to inflict injury on opponents. You can land a strike with this move and potentially knock off someone standing close to the edge or score a point to increase your level, at the very least.

  • Collect the Bonus Cash

The cash you win at the end of each match depends on the number of times you manage to successfully hit your rivals and your overall position (i.e., what place you exit the game upon elimination or being the last one standing).

Additionally, you can watch an ad to collect a cash bonus. Watch out for this option when your battle run ends. It’s the button with a video icon that you need to tap. Collecting as much in-game currency as possible is essential because some of the items like the fighter skins can be quite expensive.


About I, The One - Action Fighting Game:

I, The One - Action Fighting game is the kind of game to play when you feel like punching someone. Take out your frustrations in this battle simulator where a rooftop brawl is taking place. That's right; you not only get to punch and kick your rivals, but also throw them off a skyscraper! The best part is that the PvP battles give you a chance to whoop players from all around the world in real-time. With only two controls, the game is easy to play. However, the battles are still challenging because you have to continually adapt to a unique level-up system that keeps changing your fighting style.

Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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