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Hunt for Sport

If you are a big fan of first-person shooters, Hunting Challenge for PC and mobile will offer a fresh experience. In this creation from Timuz Games, you will be hunting wild animals rather than criminals and bad guys. The game puts you in a wild jungle that’s full of life. Live out the dream of being able to track down and bag the most elusive wild game. From Antelopes and Zebras to Lions and even Dinosaurs, the list of animals to hunt is large. Hunt for the sport with your rifle and put your marksman skills to the test.

Real-World Hunting Simulation

The features in this game create a realistic environment that is the next best thing to real hunting. Players get to roam about 3D simulated jungles, which have detailed elements. You will spot wildlife, rocks, and bushes from a first-person shooter perspective as you traverse woodlands and open savannas. Hunting conditions also depend on the weather. If it rains, you can expect a more challenging hunt since vision will be slightly obscured. Another realist aspect of the game is that you are not invulnerable to wild animals. You may be wielding a gun, but dangerous predators in Hunting Challenge for PC are very life-like. Lions, wolves, elephants, bears and other primal animals will charge toward you and attack. Stealth and good marksmanship are both critical to winning.

Impressive Range of Hunting Rifles

Whether you prefer the AR1, AK47 or different type of rifle, Hunting Challenge offers a nice range of weapons from which to choose. You can settle for either a sniper or assault rifle. There is only one gun available when you are new to the game. However, you can buy new rifles with coins earned from previously completed missions. The riffles have different capabilities with respect to the accuracy, fire rate, reload time and magazine size. Save your coins and collect more cash for the best guns, which often tend to have higher price tags.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Hunting Challenge

• Aim for the Head
Always aim for the head before you pull the trigger. This is the best way to make a humane kill when trying to bag some prey. It will also help you save on ammo. What’s more, you earn extra cash for each headshot, which is a good way to increase your reward tally at the end of the hunt.

• Know Your Goals
Check your goals on the screen. Each level requires you to kill certain types of animals and sometimes specifies a kill method. It is important to make all kills as instructed if you want to collect the maximum reward.

• Move Fast
Each hunt has a time limit of 2 minutes. You have to complete your mission before the timer counts down to zero. Luckily, prey abounds on the hunting grounds. Just make sure not to remain in one place for too long. Move to around to find prey.

• Use the Map
An easier way to find wild animals is through the map on the top right corner of your screen. A green triangle indicates your current position. You need to move towards red dots, which represent wild animals on the map.

• Keep Your Distance
Don’t get too close when hunting predators. If spotted, such animals will run toward you. Wild animals that catch up with you will attack and cause your HP to drop. Make it hard for them to attack you by using your scope to aim from afar.


About Hunting Challenge:

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