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How to play

How to play Hundred Soul on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Thrilling Combat RPG

Developed for the iOS and Android platforms, Hundred Soul is an immersive action RPG from Hound 13. It follows the journey of Kailin. Rescued from death as a child, your character grew up to become a Temple Knight and the Last Savior of the land. In this role, you will travel through different regions, fighting hordes of low-grade monsters. You have to defeat ghouls, goblins and other big boss monsters who have taken over the land. Win battles to collect medals, emeralds, gold, essence creation, and other precious items. You will team up with one partner (or fellow as described in the game). At first, your comrade in battle is Master Raymon, the Savior’s trainer and a fierce warrior. To switch your fellow, you can defeat dead heroes and collect their souls in the Sanctuary of Pledge.

Although this game was designed for mobile, our guide will show you how to play Hundred Soul for PC.

Powerful Weapons on Offer

Hundred Soul offers some good ol’ fashioned sword-based combat. But, the weapons your character will wield in battle are no ordinary blades. Forged to unleash unimaginable destruction, these swords will help you to slay every enemy that crosses your path. The Nightfall Sword is your initial weapon. You can craft others by collecting materials from mines. Every weapon has unique skills that you have to trigger in battle. You increase your gear’s DPS (damage per second) and unlock new battle skills by upgrading your equipment.

Excellent Graphics

If you choose to play Hundred Soul for PC with a powerful graphics card, be prepared to enjoy great visuals and stunning animation effects. Battles will take you to amazingly simulated 3-D scenes. From picturesque forests to dungeons, the battle arenas are quite breathtaking. To make the experience even more personalized, Hound 13 designed this game with a player customization option. You not only get to select the gender of your fighter, but also his/her hairstyle and armor outfit.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Hundred Soul

• Master the Weapon Skill Combos
Certain actions will trigger a weapon’s skills. For example, the Nightfall Sword can kill a stunned target with a powerful grasp. This move requires you to first activate the stun effect, which will then allow you to unleash the grab skill. Make sure to study skill triggering requirements by checking out each weapon’s profile page.

• Build a Formidable Duo
As you progress through the game, the levels become increasingly challenging. Therefore, you need to boost your character’s power by upgrading weapons and unlocking new skills. Make sure to promote your fellow comrade as well. You can use Novastones an upgrade material.

• Craft New Equipment & Items
Visit Pandora’s Workshop to craft new gear. First, you need to collect the crafting ingredients. The first component you need is essence of creation, which is earned by completing missions. It will also cost you Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt as well to craft any weapon or item. Obtain the minerals by unlocking mines in different regions.

• Join a Guild
In Hundred Soul, players can form or join guilds. Participate in guild activities to earn special coins. You can then use your coins to shop for exclusive items in the Guild shop.


About Hundred Soul:

Developer: HOUND 13
Download: Android or iOS

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