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Save Damsels in Distress

When most gaming fans picture a runner game, they most likely picture athletes competing in races or an animated character running on a road filled with obstacles. What you may not imagine is a dashing hero running vertically on a wall and grabbing hearts along the way. That is what makes the Hrithik Action Runner a special game. The dynamics of this game are very different from what players have come to expect from runner games.

Named after critically acclaimed actor Hrithik Roshan, this game lets you play as one of the hottest hunks from Bollywood.  Hrithik runs up two vertical walls that are parallel to each other. The walls are actually two apartment buildings adjacent to one another. You can spot windows along the building wall as well as balconies extending between the 2 walls. In the game Hrithik will be jumping from one wall to the other, looking to reach the very top. However, the catch is that there is no top as the wall is endless.

The game is not without a bit of humorous drama. Although Hrithik’s goal is to cover the best distance, this handsome hunk will play the hero. He runs up the wall all the while rescuing beautiful women and even takes the time to stop for selfies as well as go on quick dates. His actions attract the attention of a few aunties in the building who toss belans (rolling pin) from their windows in order to keep Hrithik (and other male characters) away from their girls. There are also monkeys (running nonstop across balconies), a few falling objects, and obstacles along the way. All obstacles have the power to stop Hrithik in his tracks, knocking him off the wall and all the way to the ground.

One Button Mechanic

Anyone can play this action runner thanks to a simple one-button mechanic. You will be using one button to run up the wall, jump, knock down the monkeys, and dodge obstacles plus the belans thrown by the angry aunties. The trick is to keep Hrithik running upwards and only leap to avoid obstacles or get to the girls. As long as Hrithik is running up at full speed, he will be able to take selfies, rescue girls, and knockdown monkeys in his direct path.

Grab Power-ups Along the Way

While it is important to dodge obstacles in this game, the same does not apply for power-ups. Power-ups give you a special ability but you have to run into them. These boosts often appear with a shiny light around them. Each power-up has a different effect but all make you impervious to monkeys, belans, and other obstacles for a short while.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Hrithik Action Runner on PC

  • Go as Far as Possible

Collecting the red hearts and powerups in the game, rescuing beautiful girls, and even stopping for selfies all earn you points. However, how far you run will contribute to the bulk of your score points. The further you run, the more points you will score. So, make running as far as possible your priority. If there is a high chance of being knocked down, do not risk ramming into a monkey or attempt to grab other advantages of the game.

  • Watch out for Monkeys, Belans, and Other Obstacles

As you are running up the wall, keep an eye out for monkeys, flying belans, and any other obstacle that this game throws at you. You can spot them from a short distance off and thus jump onto the next wall and out of the way before it is too late.

  • Choose Powerups and Rescue Girls Over Selfies

Sometimes in the game, you will find a damsel in distress or a powerup in close proximity to a girl calling out for a selfie, making it impossible to grab both. When this happens, go for powerups and rescues over selfies. These other options earn you more points than a quick selfie.


About Hrithik Action Runner:<

The high demand for video games and advancements in current gaming technology are making it possible for developers to push the confines of traditional game genres. That’s exactly what Nazara Games have done with the release of Hrithik Action Runner. With this vertical runner, you are in for some unusual but still entertaining gameplay. The controls are easy to use, making this runner ideal for casual gamers. There are no pressing goals to meet or evolving objectives to complete. Therefore, you can play this game at your own leisure.

Developer: Nazara Games
Download: Android or iOS

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