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Flip Houses for Profit

If you loved the hit series Fixer Upper, House Flip for PC is a fun home design and renovation game that will help you practice what you learned. Just like the reality TV show, this simulation game revolves around the concept of flipping houses for a profit. The first step in House Flip is to buy an old house at a low price. You then have to renovate the property to improve its curb appeal before finally selling it for profit.

Renovate to Increase Property Value

Renovating old houses and turning them into appealing homes is the most fun part of this game. When playing House Flip for PC, you will have a good view of the entire floor plan. Individual rooms display in 3-D, allowing you to have a good idea of what the actual home décor will look like.

Renovations touch on three main areas. You need to fix problem areas, make design improvements and finish staging the house. Completing renovations in all of these categories will earn you three stars and determine the home’s asking price. The game guides you with renovations by suggesting what you need to do. You can work on tasks such as lighting, plumbing, flooring, paintwork or even furnish the house.

Some of the materials and supplies needed for renovations won’t be available to use right away but you can unlock them as you progress with remodeling your houses. Keep in mind also that any modifications to a house will cost you in-game currency, or elbow grease points and hearts.

List Your Renovated House

After completing renovations, the final step in House Flip is putting up the house for sale. Once the property is listed, prospective buyers will start sending purchase offers. The game sets a target price for you while taking into account the amount of currency used to make improvements. You can receive up to half a dozen offers then flip the house to the highest bidder. A profitable house sale increases your capital and experience, allowing you to flip even bigger homes.

After flipping your first house, the game lets you visit a virtual representation of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ hometown in Waco, Texas. You can check any open property’s details on the 3-D map to find out how many problem areas need fixing or its current market price. It is up to you to select which house to fix and flip depending on your capital.

Tips and Tricks for Playing House Flip on PC

• Speed up Tasks

A countdown timer starts every time you commence renovation works or when you receive a new offer for your listed property. You can rush offers or complete renovation task instantly by spending hearts. Alternatively, watching in-game ads and videos of Chip and Jo or playing mini-games will speed things up.

• Spend Wisely on Construction

When working on the construction, it is important to know what type of neighborhood your house is located. For instance, go for premium materials when renovating a house in a luxury area since that appeals to home buyers looking for high-end houses. On the flip side, don’t go overboard with the customization options when working on low-income houses to avoid shrinking your profit margin.

• Don’t be in a Hurry to Sell

Take your time when flipping your house. In case the first offer is too low, don’t be pressured to accept it. Bide your time and wait for the perfect buyer. If you are eager to start working on the next house, simply go for any offer that is above the game’s recommended selling price.

• Complete Game Missions

As you progress through the game, you will have to complete various missions that help you move on to the next stage. Missions can include tasks like unlocking renovation materials or selling a certain number of houses. Just make sure to keep an eye out on the game mission and complete them to earn free hearts and currency.


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