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Renovate a Rundown Hotel

Hotel Blast for PC and mobile is a new puzzle game mixed with some interior design fun. You will take on the role of renovating an abandoned hotel constructed in 1971. From the hotel lobby, kitchen, and restaurant, to the garden, library, and rooms, there are lots of places in this structure that need a new lease of life.

As you walk to various areas, you will receive a makeover task. Although the old décor had vibes of the 70s, the new look is up to you. Each time, you will get up to three interior design options to choose from, allowing you to go for whatever appeals to your taste. What’s more, you earn coins for each task, whether it is cleaning up, decorating spaces, or adding new furniture.


Solve Cube Match Puzzles

Puzzle-solving is the other side that makes playing Hotel Blast on PC and mobile fun. To play, simply tap/click on any matching squares on the grid. With that simple action, you will blast the selected matching blocks, and new cubes fall into the puzzle.

What makes this match and blast puzzle challenging is the random placement and arrangement of block pieces. Also, you work toward a specific goal with limited moves. And, with each puzzle cleared, players earn keys to unlock more locations for renovation.


Uncover a Mysterious Story

Whether you choose to play Hotel Blast for PC or the default version for Android and iOS devices, the game’s plot is quite entertaining. It’s been 7-years since the hotel’s owner, your grandfather, disappeared mysteriously. Several other people staying at the establishment suffered the same fate as well.

All of this happened following the arrival of a particular guest. Rumor has it that ghosts still haunt the hotel, but you are nonetheless renovating it, all while trying to find out what transpired. The story unfolds through subtitled conversations with yourself and other characters that gradually become part of the game as you progress.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Hotel Blast on PC

  • Use Power-Ups 

There are different power-ups that you can use to clear multiple boxes at once when solving puzzles. For example, tapping five same-colored blocks drops a rocket, which travels vertically or horizontally, wiping everything in its path. If you match seven boxes, you get a bomb that blasts all the cubes around it. Also, matching nine tiles generates the electric fan, which will have a particular color and blow up all matching tiles from the grid.

  • Pick a Booster Before Solving Hard Puzzles

Besides using power-ups while solving puzzles, you can also pick boosters before you start a new round of puzzle-solving. However, this option isn’t available until you unlock it from level six.

Starting with boosters can make things easier, but only use this option for those puzzles that you can’t seem to solve after several attempts. The reason for that is because you only have a limited number of pre-level boosters. Therefore, use them when needed most.

  • Take Advantage of Booster Combos

Another handy tip to remember when playing Hotel Blast is that you can use two power-ups that are adjacent to each other. In effect, this creates a powerful combo with spectacular cube destruction effects. It’s a great way to reach your goals faster or shake things up when struggling with a tricky puzzle grid.

  • Know Your Puzzle Goal

During each puzzle round, there is a specific goal that you have to accomplish. For instance, the challenge can be to blast a particular number of red, blue, and yellow cubes. Besides color matching, you may be required to free trapped items while blasting blocks or work toward other goals that keep evolving the more you progress.

You can’t move on with interior design quests until you complete the mini-game puzzles. With that in mind, always check what the goal is just before starting a new level. Alternatively, look at the left side pane of your screen when in the middle of a puzzle.

Remember to focus on reaching the objective at hand so that you can move further in the game. But, more importantly, keep in mind that you have a finite number of moves in the puzzle challenges. So, make each move count.


About Hotel Blast:

If you love interior design games along with match-and-blast puzzle games, then Hotel Blast is for you. It offers the best of both worlds in a fun and simple way. In the game, you will go back & forth between renovating an abandoned hotel built in the 1970s and solving cube-match puzzles. As you follow along the adventure, you get to learn more about the story. The puzzle quests are easy to solve. Also, they come with plenty of power-ups like bombs, rockets, and so much more. Overall, Hotel Blast is an enjoyable casual game with an adorable cartoonish art style, fun conversations, charming characters, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Developer: WhaleApp Ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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