Hot Gym on PC: Install & Play with Your Windows / Mac Device

Manage a Gym for Hot Babes

Developed by gaming publisher AD Market Limited, Hot Gym is a fun strategy idle clicker for anyone who is a big fan of fitness and beautiful girls. That’s right; this game challenges you to establish a fitness club that is open exclusively to cute young babes.

The beauties that will be coming to your gym will have all kinds of goals. Some of them are novice athletes, while others may be experienced fitness ladies. Regardless of the training programs they choose, there is one common unifying factor. All your clients are into sports and a healthy lifestyle.

The game will challenge you to make sound investments aimed at growing your fitness club. Ultimately, your strategy will determine how profitable it can become.


Simple Idle Clicker Gameplay Mechanics

Hot Gym belongs to the idle clicker genre of games. Pretty much, you will spend most of your time tapping on the screen or clicking if you choose to install Hot Gym on your PC as described in this post. Either way, it is quite easy to play.

The first thing you do after installing and loading the game is to complete the tutorial. It will help you to acquire your first fitness machine, get your first client, and also walk you through a bunch of gameplay features. For instance, the guide demonstrates how to upgrade machines so that you can earn more revenue. Keep in mind, though, that this process costs you drops (one of the virtual currencies in the game), which clients generate as they train.

At first, you have to constantly tap the screen to collect drops so that more can be created. But, once you equip a client with automated gear, the drop generation process becomes automatic. As a result, drops will continue to accumulate, allowing you to click less frequently for collection.

Drops are essential because they not only help you unlock new equipment but also to upgrade your fitness machines. Once fully equipped, your gym will comprise of the following stations.

  1. Olivia’s treadmill
  2. Luci’s dumbell bench
  3. Sandra’s yoga mat
  4. Vics crossover machine
  5. Ruth’s back squat barbell
  6. Jessica’s bench press

You can also sell the gym to receive coins. Although you will have to start from scratch after making this move, every piece of gold you have in your possession increases revenue by 2%. Therefore, this makes it easier to establish the new gym more quickly than the first time you started to play the game.

Collect Hot Photos of Your Clients

Another cool feature in Hot Gym is that the babes coming to your fitness club are looking to date. If you increase aff inity with them, you also get rewarded with hot photos of these anime beauties. However, you will have to earn this by helping the clients to score points.

The point score challenge works in a simple way. From the gym’s home screen, you just click the heart icon of your corresponding client and challenge them to complete as many reps as possible within a ten-second window. Each tap or click on the screen is one point, so you have to repeat this action as fast as possible to reach the target score before time runs out. Accomplish this goal, and one hot pic comes your way.

Are You New to Hot Gym on PC? Here are Helpful Tips & Tricks

• Prioritize Upgrades for Your Higher Tier Equipment

Despite regenerating drops slowly, these have a higher multiplier. That means you will collect more drops per click from the high tier equipment. Therefore, it makes more sense to give your highest income-earning fitness machines priority when it comes to upgrades. It is a smart strategy because each piece of equipment you improve starts to generate a bit more drops, the game’s basic currency.

• Visit the Shop

Like most games, Hot Gym features an in-game shop. You can visit this section to buy upgrades for your fitness club. For example, this is where you will get gear to equip your clients so that you can automate drop creation.

Two upgrades that will help you earn more income include the x3 revenue multiplier (costs gold coins) and the rewind time bonus (which costs gems and gives you instant drops every four hours for one day or a week, depending on the boost that you choose to buy).

It is also possible to buy gems, which you can then use to get more photo slots to store extra hot pics from your gorgeous clients.

Hot Gym Game Screenshot
Source: Google Play


• Take Advantage of Training Buffs from the Home Screen

Besides the upgrades that you can find in the shop, there are even more training buffs you can take advantage of from your Hot Gym home screen.

For starters, you can purchase a protein cocktail for the girls and get the super bonus. It pops up occasionally at the top left corner of the screen in the form of a hand icon that holds and shakes a vial of pills.

On the other hand, you can buy the energy drink when your trainees are exhausted. It appears on the top right corner of the screen just below the in-game currency indicators. The energy drink doubles the number of drops you can collect over a limited period. Alternatively, your trainees may benefit from using the doping drink that pops up occasionally on the same section.

• Hire a Fitness Instructor

Another way to boost your revenue is by hiring a coach. Fitness instructors activate a particular buff. For example, they may double revenue for a limited time if you watch an ad or spend gems.

• Watch Ads

Like most free-to-play games, Hot Gym relies on ads to support the developers. As a result, watching a few of them is a great way to support the developers if you enjoy playing this game.

However, there is a reward for opting in to watch the video ads. For instance, this will increase equipment 5 levels up when you don’t have enough drops to afford the upgrade price. Streaming five short clips will reward you with a similar amount of free gems. Also, you must watch ads to use other boosts like the time rewind bonus, energy drink, as well as doping and protein cocktail pills.

• Take a Break

Incremental games like Hot Gym can get tiring quite fast because of the constant clicking that you have to do to collect your income. However, the great thing about this particular release is that it is also an idle game that keeps earning drops even when you are offline. The trick to maximize on this cool feature is making sure to automate all your equipment. That way, you can take a break from the game or leave it running in the background on your PC, and then come back later to just collect your drops for upgrades.

• Don’t Be Quick to Sell

Finally, we conclude this Hot Gym tips & tricks section with this handy pointer that will earn your more coins when starting over. Try as much as possible to delay selling your gym and instead invest in it until it is worth trillions of drops in value. Doing so will earn you more coins when you sell the gym, making it easier to start a new one with better leverage.

How to play

How to play Hot Gym on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Hot Gym Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Hot Gym on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Hot Gym:

Hot Gym is an Idle Clicker Game that challenges players to establish a fitness club that only trains young beautiful girls. As a trainer, you can even form close relationships with the hot beauties and get rewarded with their personal pictures. Though it seems to appeal to a particular target group, the game is both fun and addictive if you are a big fan of the incremental genre. Your challenge is to make the gym as profitable as possible using a combination of idle income generation mechanics and smart investment strategies. The best part is that you can install Hot Gym on your PC to take advantage of its idle gameplay features. Start your adventure today and become the greatest fitness tycoon that ever lived.

Developer: Whee Games Ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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