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About Hospital Empire Tycoon - Idle Game:

While things begin slowly in Hospital Empire Tycoon - Idle game, they pick up gradually and ultimately morph into a sprawling venture that will sweep you up in its extensive range of offerings and activities. From selecting a litany of upgrades and dealing with emergencies that require swift decision-making to watching ads for rewards and running advertisement campaigns to get more patients, this game has that hook factor that will keep you coming back for more. Seeing the hospital grow right before your eyes is a journey you will enjoy. Overall, Hospital Empire Tycoon is an enjoyable game that really makes you stop and analyze what upgrade to for next or what investment to make to keep your patients satisfied and income flowing.

Developer: Codigames
Download: Android or iOS

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Take on the Reins of a Hospital

Idle clicker games make for intriguing gameplay that manages to reduce complex on-goings into a series of simple clicks. With Hospital Empire Tycoon – Idle game, you will experience this firsthand the intricacies of managing a hospital.

Everything takes place in a realistic hospital environment. As a result, this game has you take on the role of administrator. Your job entails overseeing every area of the facility. For instance, you will hire staff like doctors, medication distributors, nurses, specialists, ambulance drivers, stretcher handlers, receptionists, security guards, & janitors, etc. You will also manage various hospital departments such as the consultation room, emergency room, radiology, traumatology, operating room, etc. Additionally, implementing plans for growth and expansion are also more responsibilities that come with the job.

Like all idle clicker games, Hospital Empire Tycoon is all about strategy. The game plays out automatically except for your occasional input where you click to choose what doctor to hire, initiate an upgrade, or opt to build a new room. Decisions you make will determine how successful the hospital becomes under your stewardship.

Build and Upgrade Hospital Rooms

As the name of this game implies, your main objective will be to work your way towards becoming a tycoon in the medical industry. You start with a modest medical clinic with only a receptionist, a waiting area for patients, a single doctor, and a consultation room.

You are to turn that humble startup into a thriving full-blown hospital. Once you achieve this, you move to a new city, open another branch, and build it up from scratch, all over again.

Right from the start, you will have a nice stream of patients who will pay money after having their consultation with the doctor. The money you earn goes towards leveling up your personnel, upgrading the rooms that are already in existence, and building new ones (e.g., the pharmacy, laboratory, CT Scan room, & X-Ray room, and so on).

Every room comes with a range of upgrade options. For instance, you can choose to optimize the design of the consultation room by adding more chairs in the waiting area, increasing patient treatment speed, or opt to increase the income generated by the doctor. New rooms unlock after you accrue a certain amount of money or max out upgrades in one of your other rooms.

Put Your Hospital on the Map

It takes money to run a medical center. Consequently, the Hospital Empire Tycoon – Idle game allows players to start earning right away, even while playing through the quick tutorial session. However, you have to spend your income wisely by making strategic decisions.

The ultimate goal is to get your hospital running smoothly and efficiently. The number of patients you can treat and how much they pay for services depends on the quality of your facilities and the speed your staff perform their duties.

The game also runs on a reputational basis, which ties to the upgrades you make. You earn a reputation star, which unlocks even more upgrade options when you hit certain milestones. The more stars you get, the more the hospital’s reputation grows, thus attracting more patients.

Increasing the rank of a room is another way to boost the status of the hospital in the community. It automatically happens when you have maxed out every upgrade option in a room.

Leveling up a room leads to the unlocking of new upgrades. Furthermore, patients will pay more for the higher level of treatment received.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Hospital Empire Tycoon

• Follow Game Objectives

It is hard to fail at the Hospital Empire Tycoon – Idle game considering that you have access to an objectives feature. It is a notebook icon on the lower right side of the screen that guides you on what to do.

You will find a set of 4 objectives at any given time featuring simple tasks like hiring 2 doctors, building consultation room #2, delivering 6 units of medication, treating 12 patients in the consultation room, and so on.

You only need to heed the objectives, and you will be making good progress in no time. Every completed task earns you cash and gems. You can then use this currency to buy you anything from upgrades to new rooms to top-ranking doctors as they become available.

• Upgrade As You Earn

In this game, upgrades lead to your staff working more efficiently. As a result, you earn more money to invest back into the hospital to make more improvements. Therefore, there is no need for stacking up the cash you make with the intention of waiting for a massive upgrade option to come along. Just make one upgrade at a time until you max out all available options.

The game allows you to preview an upgrade’s resultant effect and its cost. Thanks to this, you should be able to achieve peak hospital performance in no time, regardless of how much you are making. The trick is to identify priority investments and then spread out the rest of your earnings in the best possible way to achieve maximum efficiency.

For example, increasing generated income and decreasing doctors’ salaries should take precedence over adding a chair in the waiting room.

• Switch Doctors for Better Ones

At the beginning of this game, doctor choices are not that impressive. They mostly come in the ‘Common’ rank, which makes up the bottom of this game’s tier system. Luckily, you can hire, fire, and change out assigned doctors freely.

The common tire doctors come with a single bonus buff, whereas the Rare and Exceptional ones have a maximum of 3 and 4 perks, respectively.

With that in mind, make sure to always assign Rare or Exceptional doctors assign to rooms run by common doctors. Their presence will translate into more revenue for your hospital.

Another thing to note is that doctors continue to earn a salary even when left idle. The higher their tier level, the more the salary. Therefore, it is not also financially prudent to have unassigned common doctors.

• Work to Fix Department Shortcomings

The great thing about this game is that there are no wrong choices. No matter the decisions you make, progress follows a steady increase in earnings. Having said that, it will not hurt to re-evaluate overall performance from time to time.

The secret to optimum performance is spreading upgrades in a way that ensures none of the departments are lagging. So, by taking time to observe the flow of activity in your hospital, you will be able to fix areas you may have overlooked. For example, if you notice a lot of angry faces on patients who leave before receiving treatment, you can opt to max out the upgrade that increases the wait time for clients in the waiting room.

For a more accurate fix, turn to the game’s statistics feature. You will see it as an icon at the top of the screen. It highlights problem areas that need improving in red.

How to play

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