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How to play Horrorfield: Survival Horror Game on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Escape an Eerie Horrorfield Base

True to its name, the Horrorfield: Survival Horror Game will have your heart racing and hairs standing on edge. In this creation from Skytec Games, you find yourself stuck in a creepy base with a mad psychopath hot on your tail. Your only chance of surviving is to find the exit door and escape. However, that will not be easy given that the base is a vast labyrinth. So, you will have to enlist the help of other players and form a smart strategy to escape together. Only four survivor players can play at a time, so you will have to choose your team wisely.

Diverse List of Players

While only four survivors can play at a time, the game is not short on characters. There are up to seven different characters to choose from, each one with a unique set of abilities as described below.

  • Basketball player– can run faster than the game’s psychos
  • Doctor – can heal both himself and other players
  • Engineer – is great at fixing generators around the base
  • Scientist – improves military equipment and offers other players some advice
  • Thief – stealthy and flexible nature makes him great at getting away from psycho
  • Mercenary – a skilled soldier with high morals
  • Policeman – the only player that can capture the psychopaths of the game

There are no restrictions when it comes to matching up characters in a team. A team can have any combination of survivors and even feature two or more of the same player types (e.g., basketball player, doctor, and two mercenaries).

Unleash your Inner Villain

Perhaps you have played enough hero games and are looking to dip your toes into something different. Well, in the Horrorfield – Multi Survival Horror game, you can also choose to play the psycho villain who is out for blood. There are four different psycho players to choose from, each scarier than the last.

First off is the BUTCHER. He traps his victims inside Horrorfield by destroying the generators. Then there is a damned monster by the name CULTIST, who escapes from an asylum with the sole intention of finding survivors to sacrifice. Villain number three is a GHOST that drifts through walls scaring players. Finally, the BEAST is a hungry werewolf on the prowl for victims to devour.

Horrorfield has the perfect ambiance for a psycho looking to terrorize survivors. We are talking about everything from an abandoned asylum and dark labyrinths to mantraps and monsters with a mean streak. Therefore, it is really up to your imagination to come up with the scariest plan to terrorize the survivor players.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Horrorfield: Survival Horror Game

  • Work Fast

Time is not on your side in this game. The clock is always ticking, and the maniacs of Horrorfield are brutal in their attacks and move twice as fast as the survivors can flee. So, whether it is repairing the generator, retrieving hidden items, rescuing a trapped teammate, or running away from the relentless psychos, you have to do so in the fastest possible time. Combining speed and teamwork is how you make your way out of the creepy arena.

  • Save Your Resources

With each new level in the game, the obstacles you will encounter become increasingly tricky and psychos get more ruthless. Therefore, try as much as possible to save the resources (hidden items, rewards, gold, etc.) that you gather along the way. Only use them when it matters most.

  • Upgrade Your Players

Upgrading the skills of your players regularly is an excellent way to use your resources. The psychos are way more powerful and faster than the characters of the game. So, any advantage you can give your players will go a long way in improving your odds of winning.


About Horrorfield: Survival Horror Game:

The Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror game has action, terror, and forces you to stay alert and think fast. It will certainly keep you occupied for a while. The only missing bit that would make the game more interesting is if you could communicate in real-time with your teammates. It would make it possible to formulate more foolproof strategies to outwit the killer and send out warnings to other players who are in imminent danger. On the bright side though, the other players are usually highly skilled. They seem always to know where the deranged psycho is and as such show up to lend a helping hand when you end up locked in one of the cages strewn all over Horrorfield.

Developer: Skytec Games
Download: Android or iOS

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