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How to play Hitmasters on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Become a Gun-Toting Spy

Playgendary, the mobile game publisher, is the team behind Hitmasters for PC and mobile. In this hyper-casual game, you will step into the role of a gun-wielding and trigger-happy spy. Your mission is to wipe out a litany of enemies in a series of puzzles that challenge you to come up with the most eff icient kill shots.

Be warned that the game features some dark humor in the way you take out the bad guys. For instance, you may have to execute the enemies by blowing off their heads with a shotgun, dropping boulders and spikes on their heads, or causing them to fall in acid. There are also flammable cans in the arena that you can shoot to trigger explosions.

The traps in each battle keep changing, some featuring moving obstacles to make things a bit hard. Another tricky part is that you only have a limited number of bullets to take out the targets.

In boss fight levels, you try to eliminate a dodgy criminal that keeps teleporting to different spots. The bosses don’t fall easily. Therefore, you will have to inflict damage multiple times before taking them out.

Multiple Game Modes to Play

Once you install Hitmasters for PC or mobile, you will be able to unlock new modes. However, this requires players to defeat the bosses. There are currently four game modes, with each one offering a unique weapon mechanic. For instance, the initial one involves using a shotgun. On the other hand, gravity mode sucks objects to your gun to use them as projectiles. What’s more, things switch up as you progress further to unlock the ricochet and toxic game modes.

Win Rewards

Each battle you win in Hitmasters rewards you with a cash payout. You can use this in-game currency to buy new guns from the shop. Additionally, there are cool skins for your spy. Although new costumes enhance appearances, they offer no performance boost.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Hitmasters on PC

  • Double Your Rewards

Once you complete each level, you can double your cash reward. All you have to do is tap on the yellow icon with the x2 label. Keep in mind, though, that multiplying your cash reward involves streaming a short video advertisement. Therefore, make sure to connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi for this trick to work.

  • Think Before Pulling the Trigger

Hitmasters offers a bunch of ways to take out the bad guys. However, don’t go in guns blazing because you only have a few bullets to defeat multiple enemies. Instead, take your time to analyze enemy positions before pulling the trigger. Sure, you could execute the goons with a couple of shots or even three, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. Look for shots that will trigger a chain reaction in one fell swoop. For instance, you could shoot an object atop some elevated platform and send it tumbling down on everyone.

  • Don’t Harm Hostages

In some of the levels, you may encounter hostages. These characters usually have the word ‘help’ floating above their heads. Don’t harm the innocent bystanders because doing so amounts to failing the mission. Also, hostage situations can be delicate. So, think of all the possible accidents that could occur and avoid them at all costs.

  • Get Free Items From the Shop

Besides selling you new guns, the shop sometimes offers free items. When you go to collect your rewards, you will find three slots. One of them is your prize, while the other two with a question mark can drop free items like guns. However, you have to watch a video ad to claim free rewards.


About Hitmasters:

Hitmasters is a hyper-casual game where you get to take on the role of a gun-toting spy who has one mission; execute enemies in the most eff icient way possible. Although the enemies you face don't fight back, the battles are quite tricky because you get limited ammunition. Therefore, you have to choose the most eff icient execution method. Besides using your shots wisely, there are also hostages to save along the way. Clear the levels and win boss fights to unlock new modes and weapons. Overall, if you are into dark humor, the game offers a ton of funny ways to execute bad guys.

Developer: Playgendary Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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