Hill Climb Racing 2 On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Gameplay)

Download and Play “Hill Climb Racing 2” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

All basic smartphone owners can be able to enjoy driving their cars through a hilly terrain, courtesy of Hill Climb Racing 2. Needless to say, this is the perfect sequel to already what seemed like a game that could not get any better.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is simple yet intriguing. Developed by Fingersoft, a Finnish start-up gaming company, there is nothing else you will be thinking about other than driving that car up the hill without breaking your neck or toppling. Yes, it is that exciting!

This game is virtually richer and introduces certain entertaining aspects that were not part of the first version of Hill Climb Racing. Download Hill Climb Racing 2 For PC and equally enjoy amazing gaming moments.

Let’s find out more about it!

Brand New Gameplay

While Hill Climb Racing was an endless driving game, this second version is a multiplayer dream come true. The races are short, impressive and as treacherous as those of its predecessor. Granted, getting from one point to another is no easy task but these challenging aspects are what make the game the amazing excitement that it is.

It will certainly take you t places that other car racing games have not. You will automatically assume the character of Newton Bill, a driver who does not rest until he defeats all his opponents on the highest hills.

There are four new cups to be won, new driver outfits and a super diesel truck that will fuel that adrenaline. Apart from playing the game on your mobile phone, it is also possible to Download Hill Climb Racing 2.

Improved Graphics

When it comes to the graphics this second version of the game might have the same side-angle view on any car that is moving on the hilly terrain but the mere sight of the trees, houses, and farms that are in the background make Hill Climb Racing 2 a three-dimensional game.

The cars also come with bigger controls and are a bit more detailed than what you were used to when the game debuted. The graphics represent fun with a hint of exaggeration and takes 2D racing to a whole other level.

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Master the Inputs

The game only allows you two inputs-gas and brake. Therefore, players must use these inputs in tandem in order to make their way up and down steep hills, rocky crevices and all other kinds of environmental obstacles.

The vehicles are not dictated by gravity, thus, they are capable of flying through the air and flipping over with ease. This adds an interesting layer of excitement. The hills are your oyster, you are free to take over. There are 12 vehicles for you to enjoy!

Tips and Tricks For Playing Hill Climb Racing 2

Looking to Download Hill Climb Racing 2 For PC? Or do you prefer to play the game on your smartphone? Either way, there is a surprising amount of strategy and skill required to progress quickly and avoid toppling to your death. These strategies include:

• Learn how to tilt your vehicle
Proper tilting of your vehicle can make or break your race. The left pedal tilts your vehicle upwards while the right one tilts the nose of your vehicle upwards. Once you master how to tilt your vehicles, you will be able to achieve a smooth landing at all times.

• Study the game’s features
Hill Climb Racing 2 may be the second version of Hill Climb Racing but the game has features of its own that you may not necessarily be used to. In fact, it focuses on a heavy reliance on skill in comparison to its predecessor. Take special note of the turning options, physics simulation, natural environment and much more.

• Practice
Practicing is the key to being a successful Hill Climb Racing 2 player. Practicing will also give you a good opportunity to get used to the controls and practice how to achieve equilibrium. Although it takes time to be good at the game, practice makes perfect. Do not give up, even if the first few trials are difficult, keep going, you will get the hang of it in no time.

• Know that crashing opponents are still in the race
Every time you play in the race mode, you will encounter three opponents who crash. Do not be too confident as crashing does not mean that the race ends for them. Instead, this simply slows them down. Therefore, keep driving to ensure that your opponent does not catch up to you despite their crash.

• Do not over-invest in your first jeep
Purchasing new vehicles is inevitable, especially as you progress through the ranks. Do not invest everything that you have in your first jeep. Instead, save enough money to enable you to go for the super jeep a fast as possible. It has a higher speed than the starter jeep.

• Do not depend on tricks to win
Flipping in the air does not have much of a benefit on your overall gameplay. It is only a cool thing to do. Therefore, do not focus on such tricks because they will not contribute to your winning of the races. Do all you can to win and achieve your end goals quickly. Stay on course!

• Open as many chests as possible
Although you can only store a total of three chests at a time, there is an extra slot available for any extra chest that you earn. Tap every chest that you come across and select the slotted chest immediately to avoid going through long opening processes.

• Do not worry about fuel when in race mode
When in the race mode, you will rarely run low on fuel. When already in the red path, do not worry about the fuel path. However, when you are faced with a choice, always ensure that you choose a path with fuel. On adventure mode, pick up every fuel container you come across.

About Hill Climb Racing 2:

Developer: Fingersoft
Download: Android and iOS