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A Violent School

Violent crime has become a routine in the inner city high school. Everything is run by Posse, a punk who is not afraid of getting down and dirty. This makes the streets so dangerous and students have to go through a metal detector door to ensure that they are not carrying any weapons to school. The teachers have chosen you, amongst all the students, as a leader and it is your prerogative to bring the peace back to the school.

Stand Up Against Crime

As the leader, your main job is to stand up against any tyrants or indulge in a duel to beat the gangs. However, this is no easy task! By playing the game, slowly but surely, you will rise through the school ranks. You have the free will to fight violence in whatever way you seem fit. However, the game is not all serious at all times. It is all up to you to come up with a plan of defense that will really work.

Amazing Features

When you Download High School Gang for PC, you will enjoy different facets of the game. The best part about it is that it is all-inclusive. You can be able to play as a team and enjoy the game even more. Embark on quests and assist your friends and other students to earn respects. It is imperative to attend all classes so that you can master all kinds of skills just like the other students. This will make you an even better leader. This 3D open world of the realistic campus environment is all yours to explore.

Keep The Discipline

Download High School Gang for PC and find all of the appropriate ways to keep the discipline. Your mission is well-spelled out and you cannot abandon it at any instance. Make sure you have the smarts to go head to head with Posse. This will ensure that you do not end up on the losing end when it comes to High School Gang.

Tips and Tricks For Playing High School Gang

You have been chosen to bring peace back to school. These tips will surely come in handy;

· Understand the concept
It will be difficult to play High School Gang if you do not understand the concept and how the game should go.

· Search through the school documents
The school is filled with an array of documents. They contain a number of secrets regarding the school and will give you the necessary tips on how to complete your objectives. Anytime you are stuck, refer to these documents as you play and you will make headway.

· Run or crouch strategically
While running or crouching, do not give yourself away. Use the top right button to be faster on your feet. This immensely reduces your chances of getting caught. Remember, if you run for too long you will get dizzy. Ensure you take the necessary steps to regroup.

· Do not give up
When fighting the gangs, you need to be very resilient. Do not give up easily even if your strategy does not work. Your efforts will pay off in the long run.

About High School Gang:

Developer: Italic Games
Download: Android and iOS