Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS for PC (Windows/Mac)

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How to play Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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  • Install Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS Apk from the Store.
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Real-Time Strategy CCG

Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS is a new release from Bravestar Games. You may have heard about the developers, who are perhaps best known for their Shadow of Death and Stickman Revenge series. However, Hero of Empire takes a different turn. It is a tower defense, real-time strategy, and collectible card game all wrapped up in one.

The setting is a world where empires are at war. Conflict began when the magic gate opened, unleashing upon the world orcs, goblins, dragons, wizards, and all kinds of mythical creatures. As a result, every empire is recruiting them to build an army. But, the quest for power only means that kingdoms will clash. As you lead your army in this fantasy RTS card battler, your quest is to defeat all empires and restore world peace.

Tactical Battles

When it comes to the gameplay action, Hero of Empire has a lot to offer. The fighting pits two teams against each other. Since this is a PvP online game, you can expect to challenge players from all around the world in real-time.

In a typical match, the goals are 1) to protect your territory and 2) destroy the enemy castle. Players drag cards from their deck and drop them onto the arena. In turn, this triggers characters to join the fight and advance toward the enemy castle.

When it comes to battles, duels start with castles on both ends. These structures have an HP bar with a score of how much power each one possesses. As castles take damage, this number will reduce. The first side to reduce the opposing power score to zero destroys their enemy’s castle and wins the match. Victories will earn you card packs that you can then use to upgrade your deck.

Players consume mana to deploy cards. You will see this resource below your deck. It also replenishes gradually each time you draw a card. As a result, the mana bar has to charge up before you can pull another card during battle.

Each card also has a deployment cost. The amount of mana required to use one usually appears against the corresponding card’s avatar.

Between managing your mana and deciding the most effective cards to deploy, Hero of Empire can get quite tactical. Ultimately, you must outwit the enemy with strategic moves.

Diverse Cards to Collect

Hero of Empire provides players with a variety of cards to collect. Generally, there are three main character archetypes that you get to deploy after drawing a card. Firstly, we have the tanks, big & tough fellows who protect units behind them. Secondly, rangers are great at clearing crowds from a distance. Thirdly, swarms attack in groups and tend to move quickly toward the castle.

Troops and heroes can fall into any one of the mentioned classes. You can deploy a mix of the two along with skill cards (for heroes). Additionally, there are cards for weapons (like canon towers) and other tactical buildings that will aid your team in battle.

Over time as you complete more battles, you will win medals and unlock new battlefields. New arenas add more troops and at least one hero to your deck.

Keep in mind, though, that gathering allies is not enough. You also have to work on making your units more powerful.

Once you collect a specified number of the same card, you can upgrade it. However, the upgrading process will cost you in-game currency. On the upside, you also get a boost for stats such as EXP, health, and attack damage. What’s more, leveling up heroes drops extra rewards like gems, gold, and more health.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS on PC

  • Collect Your Extra Rewards

Keep checking your daily quests section to see if there are any rewards. In this section, you will find a list of challenges. For example, you may be challenged to open three card packs, win ten battles, complete five quests, or fulfill other goals. Once you complete a daily quest mission, rewards become available for claiming. So, make sure to prioritize what is on the list. Although you only start the game with three daily quests, more mission slots will unlock as you upgrade the castle.

On the other hand, there is a daily reward that runs for seven days after you install Hero of Empire. The beauty of this prize is that you only need to log in every day and claim it.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the mailbox. You will find more registration rewards there, which range from gold to card packs for upgrading your battle roster.

  • Link Your Account

Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS allows you to play the game as a guest. However, it is prudent to link it to your Facebook or Google Play account. Logging into the game this way will secure your data in case you have to reinstall the game.

  • Watch Video Ads for Extra Quest Rewards

When you win the battle, the game rewards you with a card pack and keys to open it. Besides the loot that you get for earning the victory, you can also watch a video ad to get extra cards. Make sure to use this option because it is a great way to increase your upgrade resources. It will appear as you open card packs earned after winning battles.

  • Know Your Cards

Another essential skill you have to master in this game is mastery of card types. Every card represents a hero, troop, skill, or battle prop with unique abilities. Therefore, it is essential to know what you can do with your decks by learning about all the units.

Fortunately, it is easy to do this from the cards section. Just tap on any unit to pull up the upgrade screen. It will appear with details such as the card’s rarity, character, skills, target, fighting style, and attack speed.

  • Let Troops Lead the Way

Since heroes dish out more destruction, a smart move is to protect them and make sure that they make it to the enemy’s tower without dying. One easy way of achieving this goal is to let your troops lead the way. With this approach, these low-damage units can absorb all the automatic shots coming from the enemy castle, giving your heroes a better chance of reaching the opposing end.


About Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS:

Real-time strategy card battle games are all the rage these days. Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS is one such title that fans of this genre should definitely check out. It also doubles up as a tower defense game where the goal is to defend your castle and destroy the same structure on the enemy side. What makes this game stand out is the extensive range of characters that it has to offer. The developers were quite creative to include quirky units like exploding blobs, acid burping dragons, and more. Overall, the game is not only fun to play but also allows players to explore plenty of battle strategies and card combinations. Download Hero Empire today and install it on PC using our guide.

Developer: Bravestars Games
Download: Android or iOS

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