Hero Hunters On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Trailer)

Download and Play “Hero Hunters” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

A Shooter Game like No Other

Introducing Hero Hunters! A team-based, third-person shooter game that will awaken the fighter in you and re-ignite your love for control. Just like its name suggests, Hero Hunters is a beautiful, fun and chaotic experience that you will never forget. Needless to say, it is hard to get enough of the burst of action that this game treats you to. Every moment is captivating, leaving you at the edge of your seat, wondering why you cannot jump through the screen and join in the fun. It does not matter who you are because as far as this game is concerned, you are in the driver’s seat.

Holding Out For a Hero

Hero Hunters will offer a familiar experience. It will put you in the position of an army man who is rooted in a bit of cover and ready to slay every enemy that comes his way. You will be required to run a team of up to five characters, all of them boasting various abilities. The only catch is that you may be at an advantage or disadvantage with your team. As you keep on playing, you will realize that the science team (green) beats the mechanical team (orange). On the other hand, the mechanical team beats the radioactive team (blue) which in turn beats the science team. Therefore, your team determines whether you are at the winning or losing end of the spectrum.

Go On the Hunt

Your five-character team will have a variety of abilities, ammo as well as attack speeds. By aiming with your thumb and pressing the fire button, you will easily attack any opponent who comes your way. As an abundance of enemies is coming towards you at the same time, it is best to roll out as much attack power as you possess. Remember, your enemies are also strong in their own right. Much of the action is about using special abilities, opening fire and running for cover in ways that will get you ahead. You can play as your favorite hero and dynamically choose other heroes as the game continues. Download Hero Hunters for PC to equally enjoy an amazing playing experience.

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Tips and Tricks For Playing Hero Hunters

Granted, there is a hero within all of us but this game motivates you to awaken that hero. It is easy to see why this team-based shooter game is the flavor of the day. It offers a fun and thrilling experience but if you are looking to improve your skills, consider these tips and tricks:

· Do not remain behind
The best way to play Hero Hunters is by being on the move. While you may be tempted to take cover from time to time, your cover may break eventually. As the tutorial advises, the movement will always keep your enemies on their toes.

· Know your heroes
As previously discussed, energy, biochemical, mechanical and energy are the heroes on your team. Therefore, know their functions and use them only in ways that will benefit your team.

· Participate in daily quests
Taking part in daily quests will speed up your rewards. It will provide you with currency, hero fragments and silver chests that will grow your collection. If you Download Hero Hunters for PC, you can participate in these quests multiple times in a day.

· Save your charged skills for last
As tempting as it may be, do not waste your charged skills when they are ready. The skills should be used at a crucial or opportune moment.

· Invest in a gold-skill character
Gold skill characters usually rank the highest. Their charged skills have the best potential, therefore build the character up as it will be useful eventually.

· Eliminate the toughest enemy first
Your biggest and most powerful enemy is often the scariest. By eliminating it first, it will be much easier to take down smaller enemies.

About Hero Hunters:

Developer: Hothead Games
Download: Android and iOS