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How to play Hello Neighbor on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Download and Play “Hello Neighbor” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Become a Home Invader on a Mission

Imagine walking down the street of your suburban neighborhood on a peacefully sunny day only to come to a halt when you hear yelling from a nearby house. So, you decide to go and take a peek through the window. This leads to the discovery of what appears to be a middle-aged man boarding up the basement door to keep someone or something in lockdown. Out of curiosity, you decide to break into your neighbor’s house without being detected and uncover what he is hiding. However, the weird neighbor soon realizes there is a home invader in his domain. He begins hunting you down with the intention of kicking you out of the house.

Hello Neighbor for PC is a horror-themed stealth game that plunges you into this scenario in a fun yet captivating way. Shrouded with mystery and tension, Hello Neighbor will keep you on edge as you roam about a maze of creepy rooms trying to evade a strange, grunting neighbor.

Play Against Intelligent AI

While the concept behind Hello Neighbor may sound simple, you will go up against an intelligent AI that keeps learning your moves. Just when you thought you have discovered a new way into the house, a new impediment will make your work harder. You will find bear traps around the compound or outside doors you frequent. The smart neighbor even barricades entrances, patches up windows, and puts up security cameras. On the plus side, there is plenty of leeway in how you can breach the house.

Multi-Level Game Play

Hello Neighbor for PC keeps the gameplay interesting with three different acts. In the first act, you play as a kid trying to infiltrate the basement. If you are successful, the game switches gears and you find yourself trying to escape the basement in act 2. In the third act, you play as an adult, trying to uncover the creepy neighbor’s secret in a newly remodeled house. The house keeps getting larger and more elaborate across the acts, so you never get bored.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Hello Neighbor on PC

If you want to find out what your creepy neighbor is up to behind doors, trickery and stealth are your best attributes. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing Hello Neighbor:

• Break Through Windows

Tired of getting caught when walking in through the front door or those on the second story? If so, throw items at windows to smash them. This will create a new entrance or getaway point when the neighbor is tailing you from inside the house.

• Distract the Neighbor

Flip the circuit breaker switch outside the house in night mode. This will draw out the neighbor and cut off power to security cameras. You can cause this distraction after picking up a flashlight. Nearly everything you pick up can also be thrown at the neighbor’s path when he is chasing you. This will slow him down, giving you time to escape. In addition, you can smash a window and go in through a different door as the neighbor goes to investigate the ruckus.

• Collect Keys

The house in Hello Neighbor features many locked doors. You can’t go through such doors unless you use a key. In one of the rooms on the second floor, you will find a red key, which opens the basement door. The golden key will give you access to most of the locked rooms. You can find it hanged next to the door in a room with a hole in the wall that is located upstairs.

About Hello Neighbor:

Developer: tinyBuild
Download: Android and iOS