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How to play HellCopter on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Raise Hell on a Chopper

HellCopter is yet another fantastic game developed by SayGames. It has a similar style to the hit sensation Johnny Trigger shooting game from the same publisher. However, this time you will be pulling the trigger to eliminate criminals while flying in a helicopter.

In the game, an entire skyscraper is under siege. As a result, masked thugs are busy carrying out an operation in offices, a hotel, pizzeria, cafeteria, bank, and all kinds of establishments within the building. Unfortunately, much of the walling comprises of large windows. Therefore, your hero can see the bad guys from the chopper as it flies around the building, sweeping one floor at a time.

The goal in HellCopter is to eliminate every last mafia goon without getting shot. So, be prepared to give them hell.

Acquire Guns and Amazing Outfits

With every completed mission, you earn cash as a reward. You can use the money earned to equip your hero with more guns. By default, the first weapon is just a basic pistol that fires just one round at a time. Once you earn enough money, head over to the weapon shop and acquire something more powerful. Machine guns come quite in handy because you get to fire multiple rounds at once.

On the other hand, your hero can obtain new costumes. Keep in mind, though, that the outfits do not offer any kind of buff. Consequently, you can use them to merely change the appearance of your hero. The good news, however, is that you will obtain the costumes gradually for free as you complete missions.

3D Shooting Game

Although HellCopter treats features a cartoonish art style, the simulations realistic 3D graphics. Therefore, you can expect a 360-degree view of the besieged building as the chopper flies around it from top to bottom. To make things more dramatic, SayGames uses text labels to indicate when you hit a double or triple elimination with one bullet and when you are on a rampage as things explode.

The game controls are also quite simple to use. Once an enemy target is within your sights, you just need to tap on them and fire your weapon. However, timing is vital since the criminal will try to shoot back the moment they spot the chopper. The game slows down as you deal with each wave of criminals, making it easier for you.

Tips & Tricks for Playing HellCopter on PC

  • Take Out Multiple Targets at Once

When it comes to taking down multiple targets in the same room, sometimes it can be tricky when the numbers are just overwhelming. The chances are that you will get shot when aiming at each bad guy one at a time when they are too many. However, sometimes you see a red oil barrel and gas cylinders marked with a yellow flame label. Shooting at it creates an explosion that will take out everyone close by.

  • Don’t Harm Hostages

Another essential tip to keep in mind is that you can’t let anything bad happen to the hostages. Innocents held captive sometimes appear in some of the rooms. You can identify them when you see the world ‘help’ floating above their heads. If you shoot them or cause an explosion, the hostages die and your mission ends. Therefore, make sure to protect them at all costs.

  • Take Advantage of Ad Boosts

Lastly, try as much as possible to maximize your rewards in the game. One way to do this is by watching video ads. There are several boosts that you get from streaming short ads. For instance, this will multiple your cash prize three times or provides you with x3 shield at the beginning of a mission. Watch video ads also allows you to open chest prizes and sometimes grants you free outfits and guns. Therefore, take advantage of them when the chance presents itself.



About HellCopter:

HellCopter is a fun action shooting game by SayGames where you raise hell on goons from the air. Riding in a chopper, your hero will rain down on criminals holding an entire skyscraper under siege. You have to take out waves of them, but the game does slow down as a shootout is about to ensue. Timing is key because you have to take out every last enemy before you get shot at. As you complete the levels, you win cash to buy new weapons and also unlock outfits for your hero. Overall, it is a fun casual shooting game that you can pick up and play even when you have little free time. To install HellCopter on your PC, check the instructions shared in this post.

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