Hamster Maze for PC – Download & Install in 3 Simple Steps

Guide Your Hamster through Interactive Maze Game

For relaxing fun and a barrel of laughs, Hamster Maze from ZPLAY Games offers that in spades. The goal of playing this game is to guide your cute little hamster through a series of interactive mazes, all the while collecting fruits on your way to a finish line.

The game treats players to upbeat background music. The soundtracks play continuously and constantly changes tune and tempo to suit the pace and outlay of the current maze that is the subject of escape.

Maneuvering the mazes involves helping your hamster slide through tubes, climb stairs & ladders, and navigate through a ton of other creative obstacles. The hamster features a strikingly real-life look, with the game offering a range of funny customization options for skins, clothes, & accessories. You can fit your hamster with tons of costumes. You only need to trade fruits for a new look. Get everything from a hat to a mustache to tiny sweaters and more to help you rodent friend look nice.

Progressive Maze System

The best thing about Hamster Maze is that the game gets more interesting the more you play. Generally, mazes become longer while obstacles increase and change the deeper you get into the game. You will keep coming back for more thanks to a progressive maze system. That is because each completed round brings you closer to unlocking a new part (i.e., ladder, tube, balls, among others). Every newly acquired maze section throws a fresh mix to the game resulting in varying layouts for every round.

Intuitive One-Touch Control

The mazes in Hamster Maze feature intricate layouts.  They will have you ascend structures one second, scale over ladders the next, and shoot through tube slides soon after. However, playing the game is simple. And, this is made possible by a one-touch button that adjusts as you go.

With intuitive one-hand controls, the game’s buttons adjust accordingly, allowing you to move forward, reverse, and climb obstacles as needed.


Tips & Tricks for Playing Hamster Master on PC

• Always Claim Your Rewards

After every 6th round, Hamster Maze offers a free reward. Collecting whatever loot is available only requires you to stream a video advertisement. Make sure your Internet connection is on to take advantage of this offer.

• Reverse and Flip

During challenging levels, your hamster can sometimes fall on its back, bringing you to a hilariously abrupt stop. To get out of this little predicament, you will need to first move forward or backward to an open space without any obstacle directly above your hamster. After that, flip over your hamster by making a circular motion with the navigation button.

• Grab Every Fruit

Although the web of obstacles in Hamster Maze becomes progressively harder to weave through, the real challenge lies in getting a hold of every fruit you come across. The more fruits you grab, the higher the number of tradable fruits you will get at the end of every maze round.

Fortunately, the game ensures there is always a way to get to every fruit regardless of how tough a particular maze seems to be. The trick lies in mastering how to capitalize on your surroundings. For example, tipping a see-saw ladder as far back as possible and then moving forward will deliver the momentum needed to grab high-hanging fruit.

Alternatively, climbing onto a barrel gives your little hamster a nice boost for easy climbing towards fruits sitting at the top of a pillar, ladder, or staircase.

Remember, practice makes perfect. It is only through repeated play that you will get better at taking full advantage of maze items. So, feel free to go back over a section of obstacles or even repeat another round to try and grab fruits that you missed.

• Take Your Cue From Maze Signs

While playing Hamster Maze is straightforward enough, the game throws in a few randomly placed signs to make sure you are on the right track. These include arrows pointing the way forward, diagrams illustrating what to do (e.g., an image of a hamster pushing a barrel), and warning signs for when things are about to get dicey.

Maze signs give you enough time to adjust your tactics accordingly. For instance, slowing down at a warning sign enables you to cautiously make your way through a particularly tricky maze obstacle.

How to play

How to play Hamster Maze on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Hamster Maze Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Hamster Maze on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Hamster Maze:

Hamster Maze is a well-designed game that offers captivating gameplay with a touch of humor. Experimenting with varying skin, clothes, and accessory combos is tons of fun. Actual gameplay, on the other hand, will demand all your attention. Maze layouts follow the laws of physics and, as such, will require you to work your way through obstacles (e.g., struggle to push rolling barrels over ladders or gingerly make your way from a low to a higher platform). Download the game to discover if you have what it takes to move your hamster from one maze to the next.

Developer: ZPLAY Games
Download: Android or iOS

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