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How to play H.I.D.E. on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Play Hide & Seek with a Twist

If you are a big fan of the prop hunt genre, then make sure to try H.I.D.E. for PC and mobile, a title published by GS Game Studio. It is one of the latest additions to a growing list of games based on a simple but fun concept. Essentially, two teams square off in a game of hide & seek. For those searching, there is a clock to beat, so speedy hunting is of the essence. On the flip side, when playing as a prop, your mission is to quickly find an object like a broom, barrel, or whatever you find nearby and transform into it. The idea is to blend in with your surroundings and hide from the hunters.

Going by the team title, the hunters’ job is pretty obvious. They have just five minutes to find and eliminate all the props in order to win.  If the props avoid detection within the limited time slot, they come out victorious in that round. The best part is that you get to play both roles in alternating fashion.


Rummage Through Colorful and Detailed Locations

As for the graphics, GS Game Studio went with a pixel art style. Indeed, the chunky 2-D characters evoke a retro style that was quite common in the 80s. Whether you choose to play H.I.D.E. for PC or the Android version, the game’s simple graphics don’t require high end devices.

Another aspect that makes this game fun is that players get to explore bright, colorful virtual worlds filled with all sorts of items. You will play a game of prop hunt or hide & seek in the white house, at a shopping mall, and so many other different places. Since themes keep changing, you can always look forward to a challenge that requires keen attention to detail.


All-in-One FPS & Prop Hunt Game

H.I.D.E isn’t just a prop hunt game. It also doubles up as a FPS (first person shooter). Hunters look for props armed with a firearm and stun grenades. So, you have to shoot any prop you find to eliminate it from the game and score one for your team. Since getting caught can have deadly repercussions, this heightens the adrenaline rush that makes players want to avoid detection at all costs.

Tips & Tricks for Playing H.I.D.E. on PC


  • Choose Inconspicuous Props

If it is time to hide, don’t just mimic any object. A smart move is to transition into something that does not pop out when someone walks into your hiding area. Preferably, pick tiny, inconspicuous props as your disguise to make it harder for hunters to find you.

  • Find a Good Hiding Spot

Also, keep in mind that where you choose to hide when playing as a prop requires careful consideration. Make it harder to be found by choosing a spot that is tricky or hard to access. Just remember, you have a short window to hide before the hunters come out to start searching. Once you find a good hiding spot, stay put to avoid being discovered.

  • All Eyes & Ears

When seeking props to eliminate, it can be challenging to find targets that have completely camouflaged as objects in the hunting grounds. However, a few tips could increase the odds of catching your prey.

First of all, props tend to whistle in a taunting manner, which can give out the general area where they are hiding. So, if you hear whistles, try to pinpoint where the sound is coming from and head over there. Secondly, as you move from one area to another, try to memorize the layouts and items in the vicinity. Look carefully for items that seem out of place. Lastly, keep your eyes peeled and try to spot any moving inanimate objects.

  • Don’t Shoot Haphazardly

It is essential to point out that hunters can’t go around shooting randomly in this game. That kind of approach will backfire on you. It’s not running out of ammo that you should be worry about but the fact that you lose health every time you fire at an object that isn’t a sneaky prop. And, once hunter run out of health, they also get eliminated from the game.


About H.I.D.E.:

H.I.D.E is an excellent boredom buster for casual gamers. Therefore, it is a good app to have when you have some free time to burn. You get to play a game of hide & seek with deadly consequences. Interestingly, it’s an unusual first person shooter as well where armed hunters go after targets disguised as props. The task of hunter sounds daunting but the good news is that you are not alone in this multiplayer game. Bottom line, the gameplay is fun, whether it is frantically switching into different props to avoid a hail of bullets or the satisfaction of eliminating a sneaky target.

Developer: GS Game Studio
Download: Android or iOS

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