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How to play Guardian Kingdoms on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Enthralling Game Plot

Following in the footsteps of Clash of Clans, Guardian Kingdoms is yet another base-building strategy game with an interesting plot. After the land of Illyria was ravaged by war, Valeria tries to unite other Guardians to save what remains of humanity. The Sky Kingdoms must wage war on the Chaos Legion and defeat the corrupted Ancients who were once protectors of the land. You can play Guardian Kingdoms on PC as well as mobile and be part of its exciting story.

Real-Time Multi-Player Combat

One aspect that makes Guardian Kingdoms from Phoenix One Games Inc. to stand out is the fact that multiple players can compete in real-time. This multiplayer co-operative gameplay allows up to 6 people to join in 3v3 battles. You can form alliances with other players as well. In 20v20 clashes, the battles are pure action-packed, with innovative animation effects providing great entertainment. Allies can attack rival kingdoms and every player is able to deploy forces in real time. You will have a blast deploying your best Champions and multiple troops like Ironguards, Knights, Rangers, Reavers, Immortals and Siege Ballistas. For every successful battle, you earn various prizes, unlock hero chests and level up your Champions.

Build & Fortify Your Kingdom

While you may be eager to join in the combat action as soon as possible, building a strong base is an important part of Guardian Kingdoms. For starters, you must build and upgrade the Guardian Castle. This will be the main headquarters of your kingdom. A strong base will need defensive structures too such as Mortar Cannons and Crossbow Towers. There are support facilities to build as well like Barracks for training your troops, Farms to feed your army, and Forges to craft weapons, just to name a few. Completing quests and taking down big Bosses earns you rewards like wood, gold, and blue star crystals. Spending these resources will allow you to build your kingdom and upgrade troops.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Guardian Kingdoms on PC

Phoenix One Games may have developed this game for Android and iOS, but we will show you a simple way to play Guardian Kingdoms on PC later in this post. First, below are some useful tips and tricks that will help your Kingdom to thrive:

• Summon Your Champions to Battle

As you advance further into the game, you will unlock a variety of tank, support, ranged and melee champions. Depending on the class, heroes have different skills, allowing you to strategize and deploy champions that perform best in specific situations. Make sure to summon your best warriors to battle. Champions can be deployed one at a time. Unlike troops, some of the stronger heroes wipe out several enemy units quickly and win battles for you with ease.

• Spend Red Gems to Clear Timers

The building activities in Guardian Kingdoms are time-based. This means if you put up or upgrade something like a wood mill or gold mine, construction ends once a timer counts down to zero. However, you can fast-track upgrades or construction of vital facilities by spending red gems earned from completing past quests.

• Unlock More Champions

Having lots of Champions at your disposal is the key to winning some of the harder battles that wait ahead. The best way to unlock champions is by killing the bosses specified in each quest. Remember also to upgrade your Champions Hall so that it can help fallen heroes to heal faster.

• Advance to Mortar Towers Quickly

Splash fire from Mortar Towers can wipe out entire swarms of Archers or Ironguards. However, it won’t cause damage if your troops get close enough to the tower. Therefore, make sure to deploy your more solid groups strategically to take out Mortar Towers fast.

• Claim Your Rewards

In addition to the usual quest completion rewards, you can grab more prizes by visiting the Achievements section represented by a trophy icon on the menus. Achievement rewards may be earned after reaching various targets involved in preparing your kingdom for war or battle outcomes. This is a great way to earn free XP points and red gems. Be on the lookout also for resources dropped on your kingdom grounds.


About Guardian Kingdoms:

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