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How to play

How to play Gt-r Car Simulator on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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  • Install Gt-r Car Simulator Apk from the Store.
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Fun Driving

Over the years, Oppana Games have carved a niche for themselves in the driving simulator genre with a series of amazing titles. One of their latest releases is Gt-r Car Simulator for PC and mobile, which offers players a chance to get behind the wheel and have some fun.

In this version, you will be driving a fancy sports car around the city amidst real traff ic. Besides the offline mode, you can play online too with friends. Challenge each other to races with your own rules or simply explore the city together.

Gt-r Simulator has other features as well. For example,  you will be able to pick up hot girls and drop them off at various destinations. You can also operate as a cab for a chance to win rewards. These are time-limited challenges where you strive to drive customers to their destinations before the clock counts down to zero. What’s more, the game features a stunt park that’s filled with ramps, where you are free to let out the daredevil in you and perform crazy car jumps.

Realistic Simulation

When it comes to the quality of graphics, Gt-r Car Simulator does not disappoint. Once in the driver’s seat, explore the city in the cockpit view. In this mode, you will also have a 360-degree view of the car interiors, which are very detailed. There is a night and day cycle too, which interchanges automatically. As a result, the game offers a very realistic feel of being inside a car and actual driving.

As you would expect, the locations feature real-world settings, complete with buildings, roads, and sound effects. You can also get out of your vehicle, open the doors and trunk, or even pop the hood. Furthermore, stops at gas stations involve getting out of the car, removing the fuel cap, and grabbing the pump to refuel.

Car Improvement System

Another fun part of playing Gt-r Car Simulator for PC or mobile is when you get to tune the vehicle. In other words, players have the ability to improve the vehicle in a variety of ways.

Your ride features a V6 engine with 555 HP and is capable of reaching up to 315Kph. Although there are lots of customization tools, the improvements are mostly cosmetic. For instance, you can repaint the body, change the wheels, install better-looking rims, adjust the suspension, and so forth.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Gt-r Simulator on PC

  • Adjust View Angle

There are two camera angles in Gt-r Car Simulator when driving, which you can switch to depending on what you find comfortable. For instance, the first person/cockpit view gives a sense of being inside the car because you have a good view of the starring wheel and dashboard. Therefore, use this camera angle if you want to simulate real driving.

On the other hand, the third person/over-head view is ideal for players who want to enjoy the scenery of their surroundings. This mode also offers better angles of your sports car when performing aerial car jump stunts.

  • Use the Map to Get Around

On the top left corner of your screen, there is a map of your current location, which will come in handy when you want to reach certain targets. For instance, the icons that look like purple lips are spots where you can pick up hot girls. The map will also indicate where to drop them off, so you just need to follow the road that takes you to the general direction of the destination. What’s more, you can drive to the yellow markers and stop when you want to operate as a cab driver.

  • Select the Most Comfortable Navigation Controls

If you want to make navigation easier, Gt-r Car Simulator offers several controls for that. For starters, you can switch between gyroscopic control and buttons. The latter option means no tilting of your device, which you can also enjoy when playing Gt-r Car Simulator on PC. Another option is to change sensitivity. You can either increase or reduce it depending on whether you keep veering off around turns or find it hard to steer the car when cornering. Lastly, it is possible to reduce traff ic density if you don’t want other vehicles slowing you down when cruising around the city at fast speeds.

  • Don’t Ignore Interactive Hints

Occasionally, interactive hints pop-up on your screen. Pay attention to them because there are lots of useful instructions that let players know how to carry out various tasks. For instance, you will see screen prompts that show you how to refuel, make passengers enter the car, and so on.


About Gt-r Car Simulator:

If you have ever wanted to drive a sports car around a fancy city, Gt-r Car Simulator is one game that can help you live this fantasy on your mobile or gaming PC. It is a free-to-play title with lots of exciting features. You will be able to explore the virtual city on your own or do it alongside other players from all over the world in real-time. What's more, perform extreme stunts by driving off ramps, pick up hot girls to drop them off at various destinations, or operate as a cab driver to win rewards. Regardless of what you enjoy most, the game offers very sharp graphics with a realistic simulation of real driving.

Developer: Oppana Games
Download: Android or iOS

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