Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival On PC (Windows / Mac)

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A Free-To-Play Dark Fantasy Survival MMORPG

Taking after the likes of Last Day on Earth and Jurassic Survival, Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival has proven to be a successful Android game which combines elements of crafting, exploration and good old action. If you love dark fantasy atmosphere then this game will truly fit like a glove. The concept is exactly what you need, with the Plaguelands covered in fear and darkness, you need to survive in this danger. Download Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival for PC to enjoy this game in an even more incredible way!

You Are Not Alone

As soon as you walk into this jarring land of darkness, you will feel all alone but the reality is that you are not. There is always something to keep you busy. You will be required to collect resources, shield yourself from dangerous enemies, build a strong fortress and also survive combat. Apart from this, it is possible to search for letters and scrolls as well as learn about the Empire’s ancient history.

Explore, Explore, Explore!

Exploring Grim Soul’s Dark Fantasy lands is something you will enjoy doing because of the vast world. As you travel, you will obtain valuable resources. This way, you will get to learn the ins and outs of the game. It will also be easy to understand everything that the game throws at you. Keep in mind, though, that life in the Plaguelands is nasty, poor and short. Unfortunately, hunger will kill you faster than anything else. Even with everything working against you, exploring will help you in hunting dangerous animals and replenishing your reserves. If you Download Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival for PC, you can also conquer nature and become a real hero!

Tips and Tricks for Playing Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is not a game for the faint of heart. To ensure that you will survive all your encounters, this tips and tricks will get you to the next level:

  • Build a strong base

Work on your base as first as possible to avoid getting attacked. Go for a smaller house initially as this will give you an opportunity to upgrade.

  • Trust no one

Remember to move around the Plagueland fields and ransack all the dead bodies as you could discover valuable items.

  • Go to the settings

The game may feel pretty unknown, therefore, you can change the language, customize the graphics to make the game as familiar as possible.

  • Unlock inventory space immediately

Space is often limited but it is possible to get extra space if you unlock the bag early on in the game. This will give you extra space that will allow you to carry a sufficient number of items.

  • Find the treasures

At the start of the game, unlock the treasure areas. Do this when you have an empty inventory to ensure that you will bring back a substantial amount of items.

  • Gather all you can

Gathering different items and crafting tools will ensure that you survive. The items you find as you play are of utmost importance. As such, do not surpass any items that you may come across.

  • Hit and run

When dealing with strong enemies, hit and run. Go close to your enemies and hit them. Thereafter, retreat wisely and then consume food to replenish your health. Repeat this over and over again.

About Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival:

Developer: Brickworks games
Download: Android and iOS

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival
Source: Google Play
Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival
Source: Google Play
Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival
Source: Google Play