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How to play Golf Master 3D on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Play One-on-One Golf in Real Time

With the ever-expanding number of golf simulation games coming out each year, fans of this sport always have something new to try out for entertainment. With Golf Master 3D, your dreams of becoming a pro golfer can come true, well at least in the virtual world. In this exciting game by Doodle Mobile, you will face actual players in real time. You may have heard about Doodle Mobile as they are the creators of popular mobile games like Fast Racing 3D, Sky Fighters 3D, and Grand Gangsters 3D, to name just a few. In Golf Master 3D, the matches are one-on-one. To win, you must hit the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes.  The game is currently available on the Google Play Store, but we will show you how to install it on your PC as well.

Simple Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics in Golf Master 3D are quite easy to master. Every round starts with a tee shot, and players will keep taking turns. A green arched line shows the ball’s trajectory. There are also arrows and concentric circles that indicate the general landing area, which you can adjust across the golf fairway. Swinging the golf club is simple. You only need to drag the ball back and releasing it at the right moment.  To hit a perfect shot, you have to release the ball when the deflecting arrow points is dead center on a circle indicator. Of course, this requires precision. It also makes the game tricky to play and allows the most accurate golfer to come out victorious.

Beautiful 3D Graphics

Golf Master 3D treats players to a great experience by using excellent graphics and realistic sound effects. From the beginner court adorned with pine woods to the palm tree-lined blue port, the golf courses in this game are gorgeous.  At the same time, the courses can be quite challenging, complete with bunkers (sand traps) and rough sections. To unlock new locations, you have to win a certain number of cups. Fortunately, players can acquire a wide range of golf clubs, tee stands, and other gear to increase their chances of winning.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Golf Master 3D on PC

  • Upgrade Your Golf Clubs

There are different types of golf clubs you can acquire, such as the drive, putter, wedge, wood, rough iron, among others. The various golf clubs differ in terms of power, accuracy, topspin, backspin, curl, and gradient line. Using coins, you can buy upgrades that improve golf club stats to help you perform better in matches.

  • Account for Ball Bounce

After taking a drive shot, the golf ball bounces three to four times and rolls. In the process, it covers some distance after landing on the ground. Trying to put the ball inside the hole from a long way off is not easy. In such cases, try landing the ball just in front of the flagstick. Otherwise, too much force on the drive shot will send the ball past the hole if your aim is not perfect.

  • Request for Rematch

In case you lose, you can request for a rematch. Just tap the green button that pops up on the screen at the end of a round. If the winning player accepts, you will get another chance to compete. Before requesting for a rematch, assess whether you stand a chance to win. You are likely to win on the second attempt if you lost initially due to small avoidable mistakes. However, going up against a player with better equipment would be ill-advised.

  • Use the Right Amount of Putting Power

Hitting the golf ball with accuracy is not the only issue you need to work on during a putting shot. You also have to use the right amount of power. As you pull the ball back to hit it, make sure that the green guideline reaches the hole. If it doesn’t, the ball will not have enough power to make it to the hole, resulting in a wasted shot.


About Golf Master 3D:

If you want to play a simple golf game on mobile or PC against real players, then look no further than this title from Doodle Mobile. Golf Master 3D is not one of those hardcore sports games that require high ratings and player stats. It is a more casual title instead where the focus is on facing human opponents in real time. The one-on-one battles in this game are easy to play and take place in a range of golf courses with beautiful graphics. The game is more about how well you time your shots as well as acquiring and upgrading clubs.  Thanks to the ease of playing, anyone can jump in to enjoy a round of golf.

Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Download: Android or iOS

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