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Save the Hangman

If you love archery and are simply tired of playing games that are all about bomb attackers, hacks, smashing and killing then this puzzle game is the perfect fit for you. Developed and launched by Herocraft Ltd, Gibbets: Bow Master is an exceptional archery 2018 game. All you have to do is aim the bow and, cut the rope to save hangman. However, you have to be smart and active for you to maneuver through the game. It will offer an exciting combination of puzzle and arcade that will sweep you away. The truth is that this arcade experience will certainly refresh your mood. You can also Download Gibbets: Bow Master for PC.

The Amazing Gameplay

Your main job is to save hangman from dying. By making use of your bow, and arrow, you will try to find the perfect aim so that you cut the rope where the poor victim is hanging. Sounds easy, right? You could not be more wrong! Do not think that the game will not challenge you in ways more than one. Rising up the ladder is a challenge in itself and there will be many obstacles to maneuver and a handful of people to save along the way. Trust me when I say, Gibbets: Bow Master is far from simple and easy.

Keep Things Interesting

The game will allow you to change characters and update the victims. It is also possible to upgrade the elements that you possess in the game such as arrow resistance, health, stars, and aim. By enhancing these, you will make your hit more accurate and intensify its effect. To enjoy the game in a whole different way, you can also Download Gibbets: Bow Master for PC.

Maneuver the Levels

Every level of Gibbets: Bow Master offers something different and exciting. Therefore, you will need to be prepared for what is coming to you and should always aim and shoot. The controls are flawless and with good precision and accurate timing, you will surely be a winner.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Gibbets: Bow Master

The following tips will enable you to play the game much more skillfully:

· Watch the tutorial
Gibbets: Bow Master has a great tutorial. Here, you will learn all the basics of the game as well as cutting the hangman’s rope. As the game has over 50 levels and unique tasks, you need all the direction that you can get.

· Save the hangman first
In order to be a smart player, the first place should be to save all the hangmen. Once they are dead then you will be required to restart the challenges all over again.

· Complete challenges to get stars
In this game, the stars are valuable resources as they can change the hangman’s skin and allow you to upgrade.

· Do not injure the hangman
You need to save the hangman, no matter how many they are. When cutting the rope, remember that the hangman should not be injured. Otherwise, their health would decrease.

· Upgrade!
To complete all challenges successfully, you should certainly upgrade. As such, do not waste all your stars on skins. Also, do not forget to claim the free gifts.

About Gibbets: Bow Master:

Developer: HeroCraft Ltd.
Download: Android and iOS