Ghostbusters World For PC – Download And Install (Trailer)

How to play

How to play Ghostbusters World on PC (3 Easy Steps):

  1. Download and install an emulator


  2. Login in your Google account

    You can find step by step guides bellow:

    How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
  3. Install the game from Google Store
    Install Ghostbusters World from the Google Store. Enjoy playing Ghostbusters World on your favorite PC!
Download and Install Ghostbusters World on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Capture Ghosts

The Ghostbusters franchise has expanded into the mobile gaming space with a new and fun game developed by FourThirtyThree. It goes by the title Ghostbusters World and comes with some super nice features. Just like Pokémon Go, Ghostbusters World uses augmented reality to generate a 3D map of your area. Ghosts spawn on your screen at random locations as you roam the streets looking at the map. Your goal is to capture them and make the city a safer place. Join in all the fun action by installing Ghostbusters for PC with the help of our simple guide. This game runs on Android or iOS by default, which is great if you prefer to play on the go.

Cool Ghostbusting Gear

Catching ghosts in this game is pretty much like what you would expect in the original Ghostbusters film. Simply aim your standard issue particle thrower at ghosts and blast them with a beam of polarized protons. You continue firing until the ghost’s health comes down, allowing you to position it over a trap for capture. Some ghosts will put up a fight and even occasionally disappear for a brief moment. Fortunately, your character wears a proton glove to counter any attacks. A wide assortment of weapons will unlock as you play on, from the Messon Collider to the Shock Blast and Bason Caster. Such weapons will come in handy when you go up against big ghost bosses like the iconic Marshmallow Man.

Play Different Game Modes

As you start playing Ghostbusters World for PC or mobile, the game lets you create a custom character. Your character will be the latest recruit to join the Ghostbusters crew. You will go up against AI-controlled ghost. The main goal is to capture them. Every new feature you unlock is explained as you play along in a story mode fashion. If you get tired of playing the capturing ghosts, you can try something different in Ghost Dimensions mode. The ghosts you capture will be added to your collection. You can summon them in the Ghost Arena, team up with nearby Ghostbusters and fight other teams in PvP battles. Alternatively, deploy your phantom minions to clear the infected Gozer Tower to earn gems, coins, and other resources. What’s more, you can play the Daily Haunt to farm for a different type of Elemental Shard every day that will strengthen your ghosts.

GhostBusters World l Launch Trailer (Google Play)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Ghostbusters World

• Obtain More Traps
Traps are essential for capturing ghosts. You consume traps for each capture attempt. So, you need to make more whenever possible. However, making a trap requires time. Instead of waiting for the building process to complete, you can acquire new traps by visiting dimensional doors on the map.

• Complete Your Missions
The game gives you daily and weekly tasks to complete. Complete these missions to earn some free coins and other rewards.

• Collect Ecto-Spheres
You randomly acquire ecto-spheres when playing story mode. Place this egg-like contraption into the Ecto-Sphere Conversion Chamber, and it will hatch into a random ghost.

• Build a Strong Ghost Team
There are over 100 ghosts to capture in this game. Ghosts have different ranks and a rating that ranges from 1 to 6 stars. You should consider a ghost’s stats before adding it to your battle roster. Be sure to visit Tobin’s Guide and carefully read through each ghost’s skills. A good combination of skills will greatly improve your team’s performance in battle.

• Upgrade Your Ghosts
Instead of capturing unwanted ghosts, destroy them in story mode to obtain Slime Shards & PKE Crystals. These rewards along with coins and Element Shards can be used to upgrade the status and rank of your ghosts.


About Ghostbusters World:

Developer: FourThirtyThree Inc.
Download: Android and iOS

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