Gangpire: Fire & Fury for PC – How to Play on Mac or Windows

Gang Boss Strategy Game

Gangpire: Fire & Fury joins the growing list of games that explore what it would be like to manage a criminal empire. If you have played titles like The Grand Mafia or City of Crime: Gang Wars, you will also love this creation from Joystix ltd because it is very similar.

In these sorts of games, the player usually faces the challenge of rising from the bottom in the criminal underworld to become a Mafioso godfather. Gangpire is no different.

As a street gang boss, you will embark on a journey to bring your group to notoriety. However, the road ahead is not going to be easy. Your arch rival is the crime syndicate known as the Skeletons. Their influence is far-reaching, making even the life of hoodlums like yourself miserable.

After having just about enough of the oppression, you convince your partners to use the loot from a bank robbery to create your own empire. That is where the long journey to the top begins.

The first order of business is to wipe out the nearby dominating Disturbio gang. From here, you will continue with your expansionist agenda, taking over the city one block at a time.

Recruit Gangsters

One of the central features of this game is recruiting street thugs to join your gang. From intimidators, blackmailers, and slaughterers to looters, henchmen, and captains, you will enlist the services of all kinds of criminals.

These skillful street heroes come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Each one brings different combat skills and racketeering talents to the table. You will learn about their stories as you recruit each one.

There are different ways to acquire gangsters. For instance, new thugs join your team when the crew force reaches a certain threshold. Alternatively, you can collect hero pieces or summon fresh blood at the bar.

Heroes belong to different classes, like tanks, DPS, and support units. The character archetype will affect which fighting positions they take up in street battles.

The game also lets you take in low-level hooligans from the streets, who would otherwise be a nuisance. They come along when a hero goes solo to conquer a rival gang post or base and are fodder cannon for boss rivals.

Protect and Expand Your Turf

In the world of Gangpire: Fire & Fury, you must protect your turf. Usually, this involves fighting with enemies, looting resources, or taking out patrolling rival gangsters.

Street fights are simple and take place automatically once you dispatch your crew. However, you can cast special character skills when facing a boss opponent. Every victory rewards you with ammo, cash, prestige points, and hero manuals.

The game also adds in some base-building elements, whereby you take up the task of putting up and upgrading different buildings. For instance, you will have a mansion that acts as the turf headquarters. The bar serves as the hero recruitment center, whereas the hospital is where you treat wounded crew members.

There is also an arsenal (where you store arms), money forgery (to print counterfeit bills), warehouse (where you stash resources), and many more structures.

Upgrading buildings cost ammo and cash, and in return, you receive various advantages, depending on the structure you have upgraded. For example, when you upgrade the mansion, march size (or the number of hooligans each hero can command) and team force will increase. On the other hand, leveling up the warehouse boosts cash, ammo, and steel protection.

You can only see the area under your control. The mysterious black mist surrounding your turf lifts when new territory for the taking unlocks as the story progresses.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Gangpire: Fire & Fury on PC

• Complete Your Chapter Quests and Dailies

You will find the chapter missions on display at the bottom left corner of your screen. It is best to prioritize them to boost your progress in the game.

Upon completing chapter quests, you get more ammo and cash plus extra rewards like hero pieces, construction speed-ups, potions, etc.

Daily quests also appear on the top right corner menu. They add to your resources when you finish the specified tasks.

• Clean the Streets

Gangpire: Fire & Fury street battles leave lots of destruction behind. As a result, turf cleaning is another activity you get to engage in when playing the game.

You receive cash and ammo for clearing piles of rubble, dirt, and garbage. It is an easy way to get resources when you don’t have enough of them to upgrade structures.

• Join a Clan

By joining a clan or forming one, you get partners in crime to explore more of what Gangpire: Fire & Fury has to offer with its numerous features. Team up with players from all over the world and fight together for epic rewards in Sin City.

Clanmates can also help each other expand territory through construction or exchange ideas and strategies over the chat function. Besides these benefits, you get 100 gold the first time you become part of a clan.

• Pick Fights Wisely

When going into battle, the game usually displays your team’s hero force and that of the rival. Ideally, make sure your crew has higher points since that indicates they are more powerful. There is a higher chance of losing if you go up against a gang with a higher power force than your squad.

The good news is that the game offers you options to become more formidable through hero upgrades. Upgrading hero skills boosts both individual and collective team force. It costs you character manuals earned from completing chapter quests.

Also, every unit has an elaborate talent tree. With talent points, you can upgrade hero talents as well.

How to play

How to play Gangpire: Fire & Fury on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Gangpire: Fire & Fury Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Gangpire: Fire & Fury on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.


About Gangpire: Fire & Fury:

Gangpire: Fire & Fury is a strategy conquest game with some base-building, auto-battling, and hero recruitment sprinkled here and there. It is about building a crime syndicate from the ground up and taking out the fierce competition while at it. For the most part, you will spend your time managing the base, expanding into new territories controlled by rival gangs, fighting in the streets, and upgrading the thugs under your control. The game has a massive roster of unlockable heroes and a gripping storyline brought to life through voice acting. It will test your battle strategy when sending out henchmen to do your bidding. Get in on the action by installing it on your PC using the steps shared in this post.

Developer: Joystix Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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