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Become the World’s Best Fruit Doctor


An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but in Fruit Clinic, it is fruits that need your expertise as a doctor. That’s right, this game has a funny concept, where you will be playing as a doctor who specializes in healing fruits. The game has cute animations and will have you laughing your head off at what you will be treating your patients for when they come to see the fruit doctor. For instance, fruits will be coming into your clinic with all manner of conditions, including pregnancies, lacerations, illnesses that require surgery, and even pimples on the peel.

Build your Fruit Clinic from Scratch


In Fruit Clinic, you will start small with just a handful of hospital tools (thread & needle, blade, clamp, suction tool, surgical tray, among others). The challenge is to take what you have and use it to turn in profits that will help to build the best fruit clinic on the planet. Achieving this goal will require that you dedicate a significant amount of time to playing the game.

Every fruit you treat will make payment. Once renumerated for your therapeutic services, and you can use that money to level up the clinic gradually. Fruit Clinic allows players to upgrade the décor, furniture, and equipment in the treatment center.

Intuitive Controls for Easy Play


Fruit Clinic is essentially an idle clicker game. It has a simple style of play whereby you use touch controls for everything. You can also install the game on PC and play with click mechanics.

To pick up surgical tools, tap or click on the corresponding item. Also, dragging your finger over a fruit patient is how you conduct the actual treatment, whether it is surgery or using tweezers to pull out a worm from a banana.

Play Fruit Clinic on PC Like a Pro with These Tips & Tricks

• Focus on Acquiring Medical Tools

In Fruit Clinic, you can make all manner of upgrades for Furniture and Décor like placing chairs and a table at the lounge area, setting up a small corner office, or sprucing up the clinic with plants, stylish wall clock, and shelves. All this, however, should take second place to hospital equipment. Use your early profits to purchase blades, a thermal scanner, and other medical tools at the upgrade station.

When you have a well-stocked clinic, you will be able to treat more fruit patients, hence earn more. Watching video ads is also worthwhile because this unlocks more tools and allows you to fill up your equipment inventory much faster.

• Leave Every Fruit Happy

The goal in this game is to ensure that every fruit is content when they leave your clinic. A happy fruit equals a nice payday, with earnings increasing as you advance to new levels. Lucky for you, maintaining satisfied patients only requires you to administer the proper treatment.

• Follow the Order of Treatment Icons

Fruits can come in with the same symptoms/condition but require varied treatment. For example, some fruits are slapped with a bandage after stitches, whereas others are not. In other cases, an ailing fruit will require multiple treatments. For example, removal of a surface work would be the first step, then followed by cutting open for further de-worming before finishing up with a set of stitches to close the incision. To know the proper treatment for each fruit patient, turn to the icons at the top of the screen. Tap them in order of left to right to ensure that every fruit gets the right and full treatment.

Where surgery is necessary, the game draws out a white line on which part of the fruit you need to cut. Make sure to pay attention as some fruits will require only one cut and two for others.

How to play

How to play Fruit Clinic on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Fruit Clinic Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Fruit Clinic on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.


About Fruit Clinic:

For those looking for a super easy and funny game, Fruit Clinic offers just that. Overall, the game is adorable and quite hilarious, especially at the short introduction right before play. The tap or click controls make playing the game effortless. It is also a relief that you don't have to deal with stiff competition. There is zero pressure as there is no winning or losing in Fruit Clinic. You will find yourself performing the same procedures, albeit in varying order and on different fruits. Install the game on your PC to play even when you are away from your phone.

Developer: Lion Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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