Friends Shot: Golf for All on Mac / PC – Free Download Guide

Join Kakao Friends in a Round of Golf

Friends Shot: Golf for All is a fun game based on emoticon characters from the infamous South Korean messaging app called Kakao Talk. In the game, you have to build a team of 8 in order to compete in tournaments.

Each character specializes in using a particular club. For instance, Ryan the lion excels in drive shots, whereas the playful and curious Muzi steps up for wood shots. If the ball lands on the rough, Jay-G will get you back on the fairway with this rough iron and amazing skills.

As you get closer to the flag, Apeach is good with the long iron. Neo drives it home when it’s time to putt the ball into the hole.

If you are familiar with other Kakao Friends, you will also notice them taking part in competitions. For instance, Con the croc sets up balls on the tee or gree while the likes of Frodo and Tube will also join in on the action to take a swing.

Over time, you will acquire resources to equip your characters with gear and skills to improve their performance on the field.

Simple Controls

Once you install Friends Shot: Golf for All on Mac or your gaming PC, learning how to play it takes very little time, thanks to its intuitive controls. With an emulator like Bluestacks or Memuplay, you can use mouse and keyboard mapping to customize the buttons to your liking.

Hitting the ball from long range and mid-distance simply requires dragging the shot arrow backward then releasing it. However, the ball’s direction is in your control. Waiting for the oscillating needle to point the green center before releasing the club allows you to hit a perfect shot.

Before taking long-distance or mid-range shots, you can adjust where the ball will land. It is only a matter of dragging the target. An indication of the ball bounce trajectory is also available to give you an idea of where it might land. You also get additional information, such as the slope incline or decline in meters.

When trying to putt the ball into the hole, you can adjust direction, power, and distance. You also get information about how far you need to roll the ball on the ground, usually indicated in meters.

When it comes to game modes, you can either enjoy the single-player adventure mode or play real-time 1vs1 matches against real players from all around the world.

Player vs. player matches can pit you against 3 to 7 other opponents. The person that gets the ball into the hole with the least shots wins the round. If you get the victory, you can win accuracy points, gear, coins, and other rewards to improve your game. Trophies boost your team’s popularity. The more popular your team is, the more sponsors you attract.

Tour Picturesque Golf Courses Around the World

Another great feature about playing golf with Kakao Friends is that you get to compete in lovely courses. The locations are themed after various countries. Be ready to clash with opponents in Norway, Japan, Hawaii, and many other destinations.

From sea-front golf courses to those surrounded by woodlands, rolling hills, manicured gardens, and more, the sceneries in this game are pleasing to the eye. By installing Friends Shot: Golf on Mac or your Windows gaming PC, you can enjoy the stunning graphics on a bigger screen.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Friends Shot: Golf for All on PC

• Avoid Playing with a Guest Account

When launching Friends Shot: Golf for All for the first time, you get the choice to play as a guest or log into the game with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. The latter option is safer because you will retain all your saved progress if you accidentally delete the app or change your device information. Therefore, make sure to protect your data by connecting the game to your email or social media, or App Store account.

• Adjust Ball Spin

Besides being able to adjust power, direction, and distance, you can also tweak the ball spin. The ever-helpful Con will do this for you on request. You can opt for the top, back, or sidespin options, all of which can affect how far the ball will travel during drive shots.

• Consider Wind Speed & Direction

Take note of the wind conditions when taking long-distance drive shots. Usually, this information will pop up on the top right corner of the screen. If the wind speed is high, you may have to take that into account, along with the direction in which it is blowing.

• Perfect Your Shots

Accuracy can make the difference between winning and losing when playing Friends Shot: Golf for All. Therefore, keep practicing all your shots to perfect each one.

Work on your timing by watching the moving needle keenly when using iron clubs. Also, be mindful of the ground slope because it affects shot direction when putting balls.

How to play

How to play Friends Shot: Golf for All on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Friends Shot: Golf for All Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Friends Shot: Golf for All on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Friends Shot: Golf for All:

Featuring emoticon characters from the South Korean Kakao Talk messaging app, Friends Shot: Golf for All is a fun sports game with a charm of its own. It is about collecting infamous characters to build a team, gearing them up with the best-golfing equipment, and upgrading their skills to dominate in tournaments. The game allows you to play team golf with all your favorite Kakao Friends characters in real-time or solo adventure mode. You will tour lovely golf courses from many countries around the globe and have fun learning about terminologies and clubs used in the sport. Make sure to enjoy this colorful game with its stunning graphics and lovely golf courses on a big screen by installing it on your gaming PC using the steps shared in this guide.

Developer: Kakao Games Corp.
Download: Android or iOS

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