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A Serial Killer

Ever wondered how the serial killer in your favorite scary movie managed to catch all of his victims? Even though these victims try to run for their lives but the killer is always right before them! As you play this game, you will quickly discover that a bloodbath is all about wit and good strategy. You will automatically take on the role of Jason Voorhees; a serial killer who brutally murders anyone who stands in his way. However, be careful not to get nabbed. As a player, you will be able to partake in a variety of incomplete puzzles. Your main job is to make sense of the situation and successfully complete all murderous quests. Ant time you play this game, you will always feel like Friday the 13th is a special day, especially if you are looking forward to eliminating your enemies in every possible way!

An Interesting Game

You will obviously need to work your way through one point of the game to another. As you do this, you will go through an assortment of stages, starting out in Crystal Lake and eventually make your way to other points such as the Manhattan Skyscraper and SuperMax Prison. When you journey, you will come in contact with unique weapons that will enable you to fight all your victims. Your targets are scattered across the map and you have to find them.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle

· Do not rewind carelessly
Be a few steps ahead, especially in a game like this one that requires you to kill a few people. Remember, any wrong move you make can lead to your destruction. While you have one opportunity to rewind and trace your missteps, do not do this carelessly. Only go back when it counts.

· Unlock other better weapons as you play
This game has an abundance of weapons-all for you to enjoy. Once these weapons like bats or spears are unlocked, it will be easy to get rid of the victims in different ways. Keep unlocking these weapons to keep the bloodbath going.

· Indulge in other marathons
This marathon allows you to indulge in a killing spree like no other. However, you should only go on it if you are certain you will not die. This mode is not child’s play. It will get tougher as you progress. Therefore, be extra careful.

· Go to the death level
The death levels can be completed on a daily basis. The levels will consistently change, but if you manage to conquer them successfully, you will receive an extra weapon. Ensure you complete the levels consecutively for you to acquire the rewards.

· Complete all the other levels
The game also has a couple of many other levels to complete. Keep going at it and it will be easy to unlock a new batch of other levels such as Orange Dead levels.

· Position yourself strategically in front of the victims
This will simply scare all your victims straight and they will eventually fall into the several traps that are located throughout different areas in the game.


About Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle:

Developer: Blue Wizard Digital LP
Download: Android and iOS

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