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Freaky Clown Kidnapper

Are you a big fan of horror adventure games? If so, Freaky Clown : Town Mystery for PC and mobile is one title that you might want to check out. Published by Scary Dudes, this game will send you on a mission to uncover mysterious disappearances in a troubled neighborhood.

One of the town residents has a strange habit. He wears a clown costume and drives around a party van at night. But, more disturbing, Gumbo the Clown is also behind many kidnappings. He is so sneaky that no one has ever been able to catch him in the act. In fact, none of the hostages make a sound during the kidnapping because the clown manages to hypnotize his prey. While the police have always suspected him, no one has ever tabled evidence to put the freaky clown behind bars. As a result, a reign of terror hangs over the neighborhood.

One day, two kids went to get some ice cream. You take on the role of one of them as Garry. When coming out of the ice cream shop to rejoin your Friend Martin, you witness the dread clown kidnapping him. And, that’s where your adventure in the game begins.

Your task is to assist Garry trail the Freaky Clown back to his lair and rescue Martin and any the other poor souls that went missing.


Escape Room Gameplay

When it comes to the actual gameplay action, Freaky Clown Town Mystery treats players to an escape room and horror adventure experience. On the one hand, you will sneak into the clown’s den to look for hostages. The house has so many bizarre rooms, some of which might trap you inside. On the other hand, there is the dread of getting caught and suffering the same fate of the other captives.

As for the theme, the developers managed to bring it out quite well. Ominous music and sinister graphics help to set the mood that this game tries to portray.


Quest-Based Challenges

One of the fun parts of playing Freaky Clown : Town Mystery for PC or mobile is that you will have plenty of chapters to solve. Each stage offers different quests that you have to accomplish before proceeding to the next part. So, you can always look forward to a new challenge.

The tasks in this game are diverse. For examples, sometimes your goal may be to collect items from the surrounding for making something while other times you may find yourself trying to find a way out of a particular room.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Freaky Clown : Town Mystery on PC

  • Read the Text Tips

If you are new to this game, it is easy to roam around aimlessly out of mere curiosity. However, there is always a task to accomplish if you want to unlock the next chapter. Therefore, keep an eye out for text tips that keep popping up on the screen. These notifications are essential to note because they let you know what course of action to take for the task at hand.

  • Watch Video Ads

When playing Freaky Clown Town Mystery, you can always watch a video ad to request for hints. So, don’t let frustration keep you from playing the game. Clues can come in handy when you find yourself stuck in the game. For instance, you may want to ask for some if you are trying to decipher the password for an electric lock.

Keep in mind, though, that you need to turn on your data or Internet connection so that you can stream video ads in exchange for clues.

  • Play with the Sound Turned on

Another useful tip to remember if you want to enjoy playing this horror adventure game is to make sure that the sound is on at all times. From crickets chirping at night to a door creaking as it opens or shuts, the developers incorporated all kinds of sound effects to enrich the gameplay experience. But, more importantly, audio cues can help you to stay alert and avoid capture. For example, when the creepy music starts playing, it means the Freaky Clown is nearby. It stops playing when he is no longer trailing you.

  • Grab a Hammer

When you come across a hammer, make sure to put it in your inventory because you can use it to break things. For instance, it will quickly snap padlocks, saving you the time and hustle of looking for the key.


About Freaky Clown Town Mystery:

Freaky Clown Town Mystery is an adrenaline-pumping horror escape adventure game. After witnessing the kidnapping of your friend, you muster up the courage to save him by following the perpetrator and going on a one-man rescue mission. The kidnapper is a creepy clown that everybody has suspected all along. He is also behind the disappearance of many kids in the town. So, you might also find other hostages to rescue. Players have to balance trying to evade capture by the freaky clown and sneaking through his den. There are locks to crack, rooms to escape from, items to gather, and makeshift objects to make as you go about trying to rescue the poor kidnapped souls.

Developer(s): Scary Dudes & Aleem Afzal
Download: Android or iOS

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