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How to play Food Fantasy on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Download and Install “Food Fantasy” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Feed Your Hunger for Adventure

Food Fantasy is a quickly roleplaying game that has proven its cleverness beyond words. In fact, the fun that you will have playing Food Fantasy for PC is enough to fill your belly. Make no mistake, the title may be simple but that game is completed enough to have you playing for days on end. Food Fantasy manages to break the golden rule that we have always known since childhood: never play with your food; oh, anything goes here! You can throw any kind of food around. However, the game introduces avatars of all our favorite dishes and sends them to battle against evil forces.

A Unique Hybrid Experience

The idea behind Food Fantasy is a combination of a traditional RPG and restaurant simulation. In one scene, you will be fighting off monsters in the forest while in another’s you may be serving up a beef dish to a table of four. It all depends on how you are playing. While this combo does not seem like it would work, but surprisingly, it does! The end result will certainly be one tasty treat-one that you will truly enjoy.

Put Some Work Into it

Just like a variety of the most delicious cuisines, you will need to part some work into Food Fantasy in order to get the most out of it. You will come across various characters, menus, recipes and inventory management. There are parts of the game that are easy while others are slightly challenging. Either way, keep playing Food Fantasy For PC and you will quickly learn the ropes. Remember to keep track of everything in order to avoid any confusion. Do not spend too much time battling otherwise, you will run the risk of your restaurant falling apart. However, to make your recipes, you need to fight the battle. Just learn how to balance both acts.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Food Fantasy on PC

· Collect as many rewards as you can obtain
Many rewards will come your way as you play. For instance, you may get 150 soul embers for sharing purification. Rewards can also be collected by visiting the side storyline missions’ tabs. Good for you if you have completed all the missions because this will give you an ace against your opponents.

· Keep an eye out for events
Every new player partakes in new events. Do not pass up this chance as it will help you quickly familiarize with the gameplay and take part in some challenges. There are numerous events that always come up from te to time.

· Complete all daily tasks
This is helpful in obtaining rewards. When you complete all of the tasks, you will receive magical crystals, cooking points, and soul embers. There are a variety of daily tasks to be completed. Do not forget to log in daily.

· Equip your food souls
Fallen angels come in handy when equipping your food souls. In this case, you will easily unlock more crystals throughout your journey- the vital part of winning.


About Food Fantasy:

Developer: Elex
Download: Android or iOS

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