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Play the Best Fishing Game

If you are looking for a fun and easy-to-play casual game, then Fishing Bounty for PC and mobile might pique your interest. It is a simulator created by Luck Games Dev for the Android platform. Therefore, you can enjoy the game on mobile or take the experience to PC by installing it with an emulator.

The goal of this game is very simple. You should help the fisherman sitting in his boat to catch as many fish as possible. After casting the line into the waters, you have to direct the hook by tapping left or right. It is necessary to do this because of the fish swimming by, which can sneak away to evade capture. What’s more, every catch earns you coins, which can buy useful upgrades.

Constantly Improve the Fishing Line

Although the gameplay mechanics of Fishing Bounty sound straightfoward, you will have to work around some drawbacks that limit your gear. To begin with, the fishing line can only go so far into the water. What you need is a longer line that will be able to go further and give you enough time to catch more fish on the way back up. Once you earn enough coins, you can buy an upgrade to increase the fishing line’s length. And, the deeper you can go, the closer you get to treasures buried deep in the sea.

On the other hand, there is an option to level up your fishing line strength. What this does is allow the hook to catch more fish at once. Over time, these upgrades will help you bag a big bundle of fish each time you cast the line.

Catch Fish in Different Waters

While most of the gameplay in Fishing Bounty is repetitive, the good thing is that you can always look forward to seeing a new location after advancing to the next stage. So, when you move on from one place, there will be another lush fishing spot waiting for you.

All the different waters you will fish in have a different backdrop and soothing music playing in the background. Therefore, each location exudes a unique vibe.

To make the experience even more interesting, Green Panda Games offers over 300 colorful prey to capture. And, it is not just fish that you will encounter. There are interesting sea-life creatures lurking around, which are also fair game.

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Tips & Tricks for Playing Fishing Bounty on PC

  • Know Your Target

In some of the locations, the challenge is to collect specific types of fish. So, as you draw the line back up, don’t miss your targets. Swipe left and right to catch the correct fish. Once you bag the target number, then the next level will unlock.

It is essential to know your target because catching the wrong fish would mean spending more time in one location than you need to. Luckily, it is easy to remember what you are looking for by just memorizing colors. So, check the upper left corner of your screen to know how the fish you are after look like.

  • Take Advantage of the Idle Mode

Another great thing about this game is that you can continue to earn coins offline. The idle mode is invaluable because it can go a long way in helping you rake-up enough currency to upgrade your fishing line each time you come back to play the game. However, remember to level up your offline earnings buff while playing. By doing so, you will increase the number of coins you collect per minute when not playing the game.

  • Disable Ads

Last but not least, keep in mind that this game displays flash ads and streams videos as well. Although ads help to support the developers, sometimes they can annoyingly interrupt you in the middle of playing. A simple trick to avoid this by playing offline. As a result, ads won’t be able to pop-up without an Internet connection.


About Fishing Bounty - Get Rewards Everyday:

With this simulator from Lucky Games Dev, you can enjoy a simple casual game to play in your free time. Playing is very easy, so there is nothing intimidating for beginners. However, some good strategy is required since you have to buy upgrades continually to improve your angling skills. Fishing Bounty – Get rewards everyday also boasts lovely graphics, multiple fishing spots, plenty of species, and rare treasures awaiting your discovery. The idle function is an excellent addition too because you can always find coins to upgrade your angling gear each time you load the game to play.

Developer: Lucky Games Dev

Download:Android or iOS

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