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Become the Dating Pro

Have you been looking for a love story RPG that you can play on your own free time? First Love Kiss – Cupid’s Romance mission is one title that might scratch that itch. As the name implies, this love story game gives you the chance to become Cupid, the infamous matchmaking angel. Equipped complete with love portions, a bow, and arrow, you will be spreading the love at movie theaters, public parks, nightclubs and every other place couples choose to go on dates. This game from Coco Play by TabTale is available on both Google Play and iTunes but our guide will show how to play First Love Kiss on PC as well.

Help Couples Prepare for Dates

Your role is to make the characters in this game have a memorable first kiss. This goes way beyond shooting couples with your magic bow & arrow. First, you have to prepare them for the date. So, be prepared to do things like choosing outfits, doing makeup, teaching dance moves and even helping boys with their workouts. Cupid will do anything to make sure the person going on the date is so attractive that their partner can’t resist a kiss. Once that goal is accomplished, cupid steps in to make the moment magical.

Create Magical First Kiss Moments

One of the great things about playing First Love Kiss on PC or mobile is that the game is quite simple. You have to initiate a kiss when no one is looking. The reason for this is that the couples feel a bit embarrassed about locking lips in public. During the kiss, a love heart bar above the screen will start to fill up. If the bar reaches 100%, Cupid will shoot the couple with his arrow and give the couple a ‘true love kiss’ experience. As a result, the couple will continue to savor the moment without feeling embarrassed even if the whole world is watching.

Tips and Tricks for Playing First Love Kiss

• Know When to Stop Kissing
If the couples are spotted kissing before the love heart bar fills up, Cupid will not shoot them with his arrow. As a result, the date will become a failure. So, you should know when to stop kissing. When an exclamation mark appears above the person closest to the couple followed by a constant beep, then you will know it is time to stop kissing. When they look away, you can resume kissing.

• Make Use of Love Portions
Some dates can be hard and require you to fill up the love heart bar in less than a minute. In such cases, use the love portion power-up to make difficult dates a bit easier. It will fill the love bar partially even before the couple starts kissing, thus giving them a head start.

• Complete Preparation Goals
From makeup to manicures to hairstyles, you will have a ton of tools to help customers get ready for their dates. However, don’t get carried away with the customization tools. Each date spells out what you need to do for the customer. If you do not meet these requirements, that person won’t be able to go on the date. So, focus on the preparation goals set out for each specific date.


About First Love Kiss - Cupid’s Romance Mission:

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