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How to play Fatal Bullet - FPS on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Action Packed FPS

In a world where terrorists, maniacs and all manner of criminals abound, a hero must emerge to bring back sanity to civilization. Fatal Bullet – FPS Gun Shooting Game puts you smack in the middle of such times. You take on the role of a soldier trained in the art of close-quarters combat. Your goal is to dismantle a criminal network. It has taken over harbors, train stations, oil fields, among other bases of operation, and must be stopped. One thing is for sure; plenty of fun action awaits you in this epic first-person-shooter developed by Alcott.

Multiple Game Modes

Fatal Bullet treats players to more than one game mode. When you clear mainline story missions, a new location will unlock. But, you must kill the big boss at the end, who is under heavy protection from associates that will try to stop you in multiple preliminary levels. The daily challenge offers players a chance to try out a new weapon. You will also get a chance to rescue hostages and assist allies while competing in dozens of missions in the special ops, shooting range, survival and sniper modes. When tired of shooting AI-controlled terrorist, try the PvP mode and see if you can defeat an actual person.

A Plethora of Weapon Choices

When you get started, only a few free guns are available along with a side knife for melee combat. As you might have guessed, you will need a lot of coins to unlock top tier rifles. Alternatively, you can buy them outright through in-app purchases. Either way, this game features an impressive collection of weapons. If you are devoted to the game, it is possible to build an arsenal stocked with pistols, shotguns, fully automatic firearms, sub-machine guns as well as sniper and assault rifles.

All guns in Fatal Bullet are upgradable using the coins you will earn after successfully completing missions. An upgrade will increase the total power of your weapon by improving its accuracy, reload, fire rate and clip size. Besides improving shooting performance, skins are available to customize your weapons with a cool appearance.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Fatal Bullet – FPS on PC

  • Heal Yourself

When facing a wave of enemies that keep coming in droves and fast, it is almost impossible to avoid getting shot. When hit with enemy fire, you will see the life bar on the upper left corner of your screen depleting. Fortunately, you can avoid dying by performing first-aid on yourself with the medkit supply, which will replenish your HP.

  • Use Explosives

You will encounter red barrels that have a flame logo in some of the stages. Shoot at the flammable barrels when many enemies take cover nearby. Of course, this will cause an explosion, which will take out multiple targets at once. Hurling a grenade can also deliver the same result. Both of these tactics will help you to save on ammo.

  • Collect Maximum Mission Reward

For completing each mission, you get a gold reward and player XP. However, there are a few tricks you can employ to maximize your rewards. For starters, go for headshots as much as possible when taking on enemies as this will earn you a larger kill bonus. In addition, stream a video ad at the end of each mission to double your cash collection.

  • Claim Your Rewards

Some rewards require claiming. For instance, you get a gold bonus for accomplishing certain daily tasks. Also, a free bonus crate filled with supplies becomes available every four hours and there is a daily login reward you can claim over the first 7-days of using this app.


About Fatal Bullet – FPS Gun Shooting Game:

If you are looking for a shooter with awesome audio-visual effects, impressive weapons and lots of action, then Fatal Bullet - FPS Gun Shooting Game might be the perfect pick. Alcott, the developer behind this game, got several aspects right when it comes to delivering a good gaming experience for players. The heart-pumping music playing in the background is not only entertaining but will also give you an adrenaline rush as you complete missions. What’s more, the 3D graphics complete with cartoon art-style, comic-like captions, and voiceovers treat players to a cinematic experience. The best part is that Fatal Bullet offers a variety of game modes and you can play it offline even without an Internet connection.

Developer: Alcott
Download: Android or iOS

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