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Give Fashion Makeovers & Renovate

Dive into the world of fashion and interior design with Fashion Challenge: Life Design. This trendy game puts you in charge of a fashion challenge show where you will be helping guests look their best. At the same time, you will be responsible for designing an array of interior spaces (living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and business premises) belonging to the guests.

It employs a choice-based system woven into every makeover aspect of gameplay. Whether you are trying to settle on the perfect hairstyle for a guest or deciding on what bed set to fit into a particular space, you will receive several options to choose from, so make sure to go for whatever suits your taste.

In the game, Rebecca, Bruno, and Miranda are the characters that make up your assistants. They will help guide you through the makeover processes, pointing out what areas you need to work on or improve. Of course, that is when they are not at each other’s throats arguing over differences in opinion and attitude.

Tons of Guest Stories to Unlock

One of the intriguing parts of Fashion Challenge: Life Design is that you will be helping all manner of people. From an awkward college graduate searching for workplace-appropriate attire to a sad dance student looking to regain confidence and stand on the stage again, there are many guests in the game. Each one has a different background story. Every makeover starts with a guest relaying their unique story, leaving you with the job of helping them achieve their wishes.

Play Puzzles to Cover Makeover Costs

Every makeover choice, be it a change in hairstyle, a new pair of shoes, or a swap in wall color and outfit style, comes at the cost of 100 coins. The game comes with puzzle-matching mini-quests to ensure you have steady cash flow. These are a series of match-3 puzzle challenges that you solve to earn the coins needed for makeovers. There are hundreds of levels, with every level one bagging you a generous 100 coins.

Like any match-3 puzzle game, Fashions Challenge: Life Design comes with its own rules. For this, the game relays instructions (e.g., tap 5-blocks to create a rocket, and so forth) during the initial stages. The tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with the rules. The puzzles also feature all manner of goals ranging from collecting a certain number of similar blocks to freeing dogs and screaming chicken.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Fashion Challenge: Life Design on PC

• Beat Level Timer

When working on puzzles in the Fashion Challenge: Life Design game, you have to race against a time limit. To get an idea of when the current level will end, you can look at the count-down clock on the left side of the screen. Usually, you will have a few seconds (25, 35, 40, etc.) to finish the puzzle.

The timer starts counting down after you make your first move. It serves the simple purpose of adding more pressure to provide an adrenaline-filled experience.

To avoid losing any round, you must finish the current level goal before the timer runs out. Luckily, the levels are simple, so beating the clock will not be hard.

• Aim for Multiple Matches Per Move

Although goals vary from one level to the next, one thing remains the same. The more blocks you take out with each move, the faster you achieve the current level objective. So, scan the board each time and figure out what maneuvers will bring a bunch of similar colored blocks together.

• Combine Explosives

There are several ways to create an explosion in this game when playing the puzzle match quests. For instance, tapping on five similar colored blocks results in a rocket, connecting seven of them creates a bomb, and combining nine pieces generates an explosive rainbow. While each of the explosions clears a fair amount of blocks, you will create a bigger bang by combining explosives. Merging two or more explosives will take out a chunk of the blocks on the board in one fell swoop, helping you free things such as flowers, balls, and other trapped objects.

• Try all Makeover Options

Before settling on a makeover style, make sure to sample all available options. Visualizing each design will help you see what looks best. Keep in mind that this will also help you identify what matches best with the other makeover picks you made earlier.

How to play

How to play Fashion Challenge: Life Design on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Install the game from Google Store
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  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
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About Fashion Challenge: Life Design:

Fashion Challenge: Life Design is a simple but well-designed game puzzle and casual dress-up game. It features a quality design with highly detailed graphics that give you a lot to work with when renovating a room. The game also features real-like outfits that help achieve magnificent transformations when you finish improving the look of a guest. You will have a lot of fun discovering your clients’ stories, dressing them up, and transforming their dump rooms into stylish spaces. The puzzles are also easy to understand and play, making for an all-around easy and entertaining game. Download it today to play on PC with your big-screen laptop or desktop monitor.

Developer: RedCup
Download: Android or iOS

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