Fashion Battle – Dress to Win for PC – Install on Mac/Windows

Free-to-Play Fashion Competition Game

Do you deem yourself to be a fashion-conscious person? If so, this game is perfect for you. Fashion Battle – Dress to Win is a fashion simulator that tests your ability to put together a decent outfit.

The game puts you on a runway where you will be competing with an opponent. To win, you will need to dress your female model impressively using the vast array of clothing items (dresses, tops, shorts, bikinis, and pants), shoes, and accessories provided by the game. Once your outfit is complete, the game will pit it against the opponent’s and pass judgment based on which of the two is more stunning.

The best part about Fashion Battle is that it is free to play. Not only are there no in-app purchases, but you also do not need to grind at all. The game provides free outfit options, leaving you with the fun task of assembling different cute outfits.

Multiple Choices For Outfits

In Fashion Battle – Dress to Win, you will be creating an outfit from scratch. The game gives you total freedom to choose what clothes your model will wear, the hairstyle, and what shoes and accessories (bags, gloves, sunglasses, etc.) to add to the outfit.

As mentioned earlier, this game takes place on a runway. Both you and your opponent will be walking down the same runway. Along the way, the models will slow down at four designated stations, giving you ample time to select an outfit (dress, top, pants, etc.), hairdo, shoes, and accessories. The game features three choices (e.g., three different pairs of shoes) at each of the stations.

The models then stop at the end of the runway and wait to score points. Here, three hands flash randomly generated scorecards for both models. The model with the most points wins a round of play. If you are the winning model, the game also awards you with diamonds.

Different Fashion Concepts Featured

To keep things interesting, Fashion Battle – Dress to Win offers themed challenges. They involve dressing your model according to a particular concept.

The challenges cover both casual and luxury ensembles with the concepts featuring everything from sport to gala to beachwear. Although many (nightclub, formal, date, among others), the themes end up repeating after a while.

The game does, however, manage to avoid a feeling of monotony. It changes up the featured choice of clothes. This way, you will be able to create whole new outfits in a concept covered earlier.

There is also some order to the game. Every round sees you fill up a new concept gauge in 25% increments. Consequently, you get to unlock a new concept after every four rounds of consecutive play.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Fashion Battle – Dress to Win on PC

• Make Your First Pick Count

In this game, there is no sure-fire way of guaranteeing you win a round of play. You do not even get the advantage of seeing what your competition chooses first so that you can try to outdo them. You can, however, tilt the scales to your favor by going for the best piece during your first pick. Flip through all three choices and see how it looks on your model. Sometimes having a trendy top or a glamorous dress is what will make you win. It certainly gives you a good starting point that reduces the stress of choosing the rest of the outfit.

• Tie An Outfit Together

Do not approach this game as if you are choosing individual items of clothing. Instead, keep in mind that you are creating a runway-worthy outfit. In the end, everything should come well together to form a presentable outfit.

The choice of hair and shoes should go with the outfit and match whatever concept your model is dressing for. Your pick of clothes, in turn, ought to match or at least be in the same color family, instead of competing with each other. Lastly, accessories should complement the outfit or give it an edge without being too over-the-top. All in all, make sure you do not end up with miss-matched pieces for your outfit.

• Include A Pop Of Color To Your Outfits

While sticking to similar colors is the safest route to achieving a good-looking outfit, overmatching can sometimes result in a dull outfit. Like in real life, it is ok to be a bit playful or bold with the colors in this game. You could go for colored hair, add a colorful top, or opt for a printed style skirt instead of plain shorts. That said, try and keep things within reason. Do not go overboard and end up with an outfit that looks like a walking rainbow.

• Watch Ads When Beneficial

Fashion Battle – Dress to Win offers random reward items such as ‘Star Walk’ throughout the game. Collecting these items will require you to watch an ad.

After each round, the game also offers the option of doubling, tripling, or even getting five times your diamond earnings. Although there does not seem to be a purpose for these diamonds in the game, it would not hurt to have as much of the currency as possible.

How to play

How to play Fashion Battle - Dress to Win on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Fashion Battle - Dress to Win Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Fashion Battle - Dress to Win on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Fashion Battle - Dress to Win:

For players who enjoy playing dress-up and creating outfits, Fashion Battle - Dress to Win is a great choice. It is not only simple to play, but also lots of fun. It will bring out the fashionista in you while having a great time trying out the hundreds of different outfit combos. Be prepared to experiment to pull off the perfect look. The game also has a good design with its 3D graphics and changing backgrounds featuring prominent fashion cities of New York, Milan, and Paris. Overall, it is a fun decent dress-up game.

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