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How to play Extraordinary Ones on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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5v5 MOBA

MOBA games are here to stay thanks to the never-ending releases that keep coming from publishers, and Extraordinary Ones is yet another title you can add to your list. It’s just like any other multiplayer battle arena where ten players split into two teams square off in fierce battles. The map consists of the usual top, middle, and bottom lanes. Each team has a base on both extreme ends. The goal is to reach the opposing side’s base and destroy the Principal’s Of fice. So, the first side to do that will win the match.

Along the way, there are enemy towers that release high damage energy and Turret Coaches manning them. As a result, you you have to fight your way through. It is a race to the opposing side’s base because both teams have to battle similar forces, each side working hard to reach the game objective first.

You can play Extraordinary Ones on PC with an emulator or install the default mobile version on your Android or IOS device. Either way, prepare for an epic showdown of might.


Unique Theme

While Extraordinary Ones may sound like you typical MOBA, there are a few features that make it stand out from the rest. For starters, you will find a launch pad just a few paces from your base. As the name implies, this contraption will fling your heroes onto the battlefield up to the first tower. Therefore, it’s a nice tool that will help your slain heroes get back into action real quick after they respawn.

Another unique aspect of this game is the theme. Battles in Extraordinary Ones take place in a school setting. What’s more, the scuffles are between students, their teachers as well as school personnel.


Extraordinary Students with Super Powers

Extra Ordinary Ones on PC and mobile is fun to play thanks to the large roster of heroes that you will have at your disposal. There are 34 characters to choose from, each one boasting superhuman abilities.

Just like other MOBA games, the heroes in Extraordinary Ones all play different roles. With that in mind, it is essential to know the different classes so that you can improve your gameplay.

In other similar games, you will find characters such as fighter, assassin, mage, and marksman. Well, Extraordinary Ones has the same type of heroes only that the names are slightly different.

The Tanks are excellent front-runners thanks to their high HP and excellent defense stats. AD (Attack Damage) units specialize in close combat, whereas ADC (Attack Damage Carry) heroes deal high damage from a distance. In contrast, Ability Power heroes don’t physically attack enemies but rather deal damage using magic. There are also ASN heroes, which are agile fighters with high attack speed. Lastly, you can play as a SUP (support) hero, who mostly heals other players.

In addition, there are more sub-categories for each hero in this game. For instance, Dash heroes move around quite fast while Poke units are not as agile, so they specialize in long-range attacks. You can also pick heroes with sub-category tags such as:

  • Crowd Control that stuns or slow down enemy hordes
  • Group Buff, a specialty unit that assists other teammates
  • Counter, which fights back when you get hit

In Extraordinary Ones, each hero can have more than one role or specialty. So, it is necessary to take your time and fully understand the skill set of your chosen hero.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Extra Ordinary Ones on PC

  • Practice

If you are new to the game, practicing will improve your skills. Luckily, there is an AI training mode that lets you battle with bots. You can try it out and experiment playing with different heroes as well as strategies before taking a plunge in the more competitive PvP duels.

  • Focus on Tower Take Downs

Although slaying enemies can become addictive, a smarter strategy is to focus your energies on destroying turret coaches and towers. With this approach, you will quickly clear the path ahead. Consequently, this makes it easier for your team to surge toward the enemy base.

  • Be a Team Player

Good teamwork is essential in Extraordinary Ones because this will increase the chance of winning. To be a good team player, the first thing you need to do is understand your role. Don’t try to be the only hero in the arena by taking up too much without waiting for reinforcements. Be wise and complement your teammates.

The good thing about this game is that it has a chat function. Therefore, you can use this feature to communicate with other team players and be on the same page when it comes to combat strategies. It is possible to send each other messages and emojis. There are also commands on the right side of the screen, which players can tap/click when they want their teammates to push forward, fall back, or regroup. So, make sure to use these communication pings and the chat function to jell well with your team.

  • Make Use of Chest Skills

Finally, make sure to take advantage of chest skills because they give heroes random attribute buffs that can change the tide of a battle in your favor. For example, if you are deep into enemy territory or outnumbered, you can use the quick portal to teleport back to base and heal up.

Buffs like First Aid, Angel, and Heal restore HP to help your heroes keep pushing forward for longer. What’s more, you can slow down enemies with a Curse, knock back a wave of adversaries using the Naughty Bomb, or reduce the recharge time for skills by activating the Coolant spell. There are up to 11 magical items in this game, so make sure to understand what each buff does and when to use it.


About Extra Ordinary Ones:

Extraordinary Ones is a 5v5 MOBA with anime-style graphics and a school-based theme that makes it stand out from the pack. Schoolyard scuffles take place between two teams that are out to wipe out each other’s bases. The battles are intense. As factions clash matching up the lanes, they have to clear the way by destroying towers and turret coaches. What’s more, you will be controlling heroes that have superhuman abilities. Playing the game is easy, thanks to its intuitive controls. The elaborate roster and magical buffs that you can use allow for plenty of strategizing. Overall, this title from NetEase Games is an excellent choice for those who are big fans of MOBA games.

Developer: Net Ease Games
Download: Android or iOS

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