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Fight in the War of Evolution

Elex, the mobile game publisher known for popular titles like Magic Rush Heroes and Age of Warring Empire, has released yet another exciting game known as Evil Rising. In this installment, you get to enjoy an MMO base-building game with an engaging storyline. You will delve into a world where humanity is on the brink of extinction after an experiment known as Epoch Plan 58 brings a virus that descends upon the earth. As a result, the only way to survive is to flee or take a stand. You take on the role of a commander who chooses to build a city and fend off hordes of zombies that now roam the earth.

The story unfolds through chapters with voiceovers and subtitled conversations between the commander and plenty of characters assisting you at the base. With the help of scientist Ivana and other survivors, all efforts will focus on surviving the apocalypse and getting to the bottom of what happened.

Meanwhile, mysterious wheels that provide magic crystals keep appearing everywhere across the world. But, are they really a ray of hope or part of the conspiracy? Also, will the humans triumph over the zombie mutants? Find out by plunging into the immersive plot that Evil Rising has to offer.

MMO Base-Building Game

When it comes to the gameplay, Evil Rising is mostly a base-building game mixed with some RPG and combat elements. For the most part, you will spend much of your time constructing all kinds of buildings in the city and fortifying it to waistband attacks. There are four areas to focus on in the base-building portion of the game.

Firstly, you will need to put up defensive structures. These can include things like the city wall, an armory (where you build traps), the radar station (which gathers intelligence about the enemy), and so on.

Secondly, there are attack facilities to develop that will prepare your army for war. You will be busy setting up facilities like the shooting grounds, fighter camp, military vehicle factory, among others.

Thirdly, you also have to work on the city economy. The facilities that fall under this category may include farmlands, oil wells, alloy mines, etc.

Lastly, there are research centers to establish as well. Research endeavors will rapidly boost power. You can start experiments to invent new technologies that boost defenses, growth, zombies, warriors, or your military.

As you upgrade your town hall and other buildings, this will unlock new functions and structures to construct. When you are not developing the base, you can send troops outside the city walls to clear zombie threats lurking nearby, collect materials, secure more territory, or attack rival settlements controlled by other players in the world map.

Recruit Zombie Soldiers

The ability to recruit zombies is another great feature that Evil Rising offers, which you won’t find in many other similar games. However, taming these creatures is no easy feat, and you will need science to accomplish the task.

Players have to capture zombie monsters then acquire genetically identical awakening potions to modify and activate warriors. These are powerful mutant units, which can match with troops but will only join the party when HP is high. The advantage of having warriors is that they can capture zombies and enslave them as workers or fighters.

Although zombie workers help develop your city, they die off after each use. On the other hand, zombie fighters march alongside your warrior in battle. These units also cannot recover in the medical camp and will die after incurring injury during battle. Make sure to deploy a warrior because that will greatly improve your troop’ power.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Evil Rising on PC

  • Find Allies

In Evil Rising, players can form alliances to help each other. By teaming up, you will be able to mount attacks against powerful players and receive extra perks like reinforcements and access to the alliance shop. Therefore, make sure to join an active alliance to improve your chances of surviving in this harsh post-apocalypse world.

  • Recruit and Assign Heroes

Besides zombie warriors, you can also obtain heroes from the recruitment center. These special characters offer bonuses when deployed in facilities such as vehicle manufacturing, fighter training, tech research, and so on. You can acquire them by consuming commander recruitment tickets or from a free daily draw. However, sometimes the center can generate shards or other resources instead of a hero.

  • Upgrade Zombie Warriors

Zombie warriors offer a big boost when you send them with troops to match or fend off attacks. Therefore, it is essential to make these units stronger so that your army can crush the enemy. You can upgrade warriors using advanced or basic serum, which are consumable items that you will earn after completing quests. Remember also to keep training your soldiers and fighters.

  • Maximize Your Resource Gathering

Farming is critical because you can’t proceed further in the game or grow stronger without resources. The first thing you need to do is focus on finishing the mission targets. These quests challenge you to achieve development, attack, or defensive related goals. Once you accomplish any objective in the list, you get more EXP, which your commander will need to level up and get skill points. Finishing all the target missions not only advances the plot but also drops chapter rewards like gold coins, magic crystals, resource chests, potions, fuel, stamina, shards, speed up tickets (that fasttrack march time, construction, research, or healing), and other random items.

You can also claim daily sign in gifts or the 8-day login and weekly bonus rewards. Alternatively, check the Event Center, which will reward you with more goodies if you accomplish the listed tasks. More loot is also up for grabs from monster attack reports, which drop spoils of war for achieving specific milestones in the game.


About Evil Rising:

Evil Rising is a strategy MMO base-building game that treats players to an engaging plot where humanity is facing extinction. The apocalypse is upon us in this game and the war of evolution is taking shape. Zombies threaten human existence but scientists are offering a ray of hope. You will use their help to turn the walking dead into soldiers to fight for your army. Develop your city with buildings, train soldiers, research new technologies, and attack players from all around the world to plunder their settlements. Overall, Evil Rising offers plenty of depth and strategy that will bring out the commander in you. Download it today to start your survival adventure.

Developer: Elex
Download: Android or iOS

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