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Adventure Escape Horror Game with No End

The Evil Nun series has struck again with another release, and it is as spooky as ever. Titled Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape, the third installment’s setting is between Evil Nun 1 and 2.

There are no monsters to worry about this time around. You only need to avoid running into the sledgehammer-wielding crazed Sister Madeline.

Of course, this is easier said than done since the game takes place in an abandoned building with numerous doorways, rooms, hallways, and several dead ends. The nun can come at you from anywhere, including spawning right in front of you on some levels.

Horror escape room fans of Evil Nun games are in for a treat with this release. To escape, you will have to make it to the top of the building.

Only one catch, though, exists. There is no end to the building. So, you will find yourself moving from floor to floor, each offering a new maze to maneuver through.

Straightforward Gameplay with Increasing Difficulty

In typical Evil Nun style, this game delivers a creepy feeling of a large building with no one around except you and the depraved Sister Madeline. Like with previous releases from the series, you can expect ominous background music that increases in tempo when the nun is hot on your trail.

Also, the game even features the Evil Nun signature screeching scream. You will hear it when she catches you, followed by her sadistic laughter.

However, unlike its predecessors, Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape keeps things sane. There are no mysteries to uncover, no weird items to collect, or mutated creatures chasing you.

Instead, the goal for each floor remains as simple as pressing buttons to unlock the exit elevator. Of course, you will have to do this while staying out of the way of the evil nun who is out to kill you.

The buttons feature different colors, and you have to press them in the order they appear at the top of the screen. As you progress in the game, floors get bigger, and buttons spread further apart. Consequently, this forces you to hunt for the buttons, thereby increasing your odds of running into the evil nun.

New Power-Up Feature

With Evil Nun Maze, fans of the series experience the game in a whole new light. While roaming the floors in search of buttons to press, you will collect coins.

Once you clear each maze, the game will add your coin collection to a floor prize reward. You also receive in-game currency you can use to trade.

In the game, coins go into buying power-ups that will work to improve your gameplay. There are five options from which to choose. To begin with, Speedy Shoes help you move faster.

You can also use the Super Magnet that collects coins from a distance, the Elevator Operator Gloves for pressing buttons quickly, or the Ethereal Pendant that sees you make less noise while exploring. Lastly, the Nun Repellant causes the nun to enter the maze later on in a level of play.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape on PC

• Go for the Most Appropriate Power-Up

While all the Evil Nun Maze power-ups have their upside, there is a right time to go for each option. For instance, you should increase speed right from the first few levels. Since the nun increases speed with each round, speeding up from the get-go will enable you to outrun her.

The press-buttons-faster power-up is good to get early on as well. It will help prevent you from staying on one spot for long, which exposes you to getting caught.

The other three power-ups become more advantageous as you delve deeper into the game. Coins increase in latter levels while the nun’s hearing gets better after advancing to higher floors.

• Press Buttons as Encountered

Evil Nun Maze rules dictate that you press buttons in the order they appear at the top of the screen. However, you can significantly reduce time spent on floors by pressing buttons as you encounter them.

When you press a button in this game, a series of tiny lights come on until they cover a circular surface. Pressing the wrong button will still see it complete about 90% of the sequence. So, hit all buttons and memorize their respective locations. This way, you will be able to go back and complete the sequence quickly instead of loitering around the floor and increasing your chances of running into the nun.

• Take Full Advantage of the Practice Mode

Whereas Evil Nun 2 and 1 feature a ghost mode, the Endless Maze Escape offers a practice mode. The purpose of this mode is to help you learn the layout of a floor before you get down to playing it.

The evil nun does not spawn in practice mode, but you get to keep whatever coins you earn. So, it is an excellent way to replenish your coin stash when you run out of them or conquer a hard level you cannot seem to pass.

• Use Video Ads to Multiply Coins

With Evil Nun Maze, you have the option of streaming an advertisement after each level to double your coin earnings. Although playing video ads may annoy many avid gamers, this is an easy way to make the game more fun.

The more coins you have, the more power-ups you will get, especially the move-lightning-fast advantage. Moving fast increases the horror aspect of this game. The nun can come out of nowhere while you might even move so fast that you run into her. What’s even better is that you will be able to get away from her super fast.

Another advantage of ads is that you can play them to re-spawn. When the nun finds and kills you, the option to watch an ad to continue from where you left off pops up. The alternative is to start the level all over again.

How to play

How to play Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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About Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape:

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape is, by far, the least challenging game in this series from Keplerians Horror Games. It delivers the same thrill as its predecessors. However, the stakes are not as high because there is no added pressure of rescuing trapped children or uncovering mysteries. Sure the threat of capture is constant. But, with the power-up feature, you can really upgrade your skills to the point that you move faster than the nun and become stealthier than her. On the plus side, there is no end to the game. So, you can keep upgrading and find out just how far you can push your skills in the game.

Developer: Keplerians Horror Games
Download: Android or iOS

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