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How to play Evil Lands Online Action-RPG on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Captivating Fantasy RPG

Are you a big fan of fantasy RPGs? Well, Evil Lands Online Action RPG should be right up your alley. In this new game developed by Rage Quit Games LLC, you take on a heroic role to defeat evil. It is currently available on Android as of this writing. The developer has also indicated that an iOS version will be available. What’s more, our guide will show you how to install Evil Lands Online Action-RPG for PC.

So, what is this game all about anyway? Well, it offers adventure, a little bit of magic, a whole lot of combat, and of course, the urgent need of a hero to restore peace in a haunted medieval realm.

The title of the game clearly describes what you are in for should you accept to join in the adventure. Danger lurks everywhere. Evil in this game manifests as live skeletons, trolls, Orc creatures, dragons, ice golems, and a whole range of other monsters and bosses. Your job is to traverse through the lands (using the provided maps as guides) and conqure the evil that has taken over.  You can do this as a Warrior, Assassin, or Sorceress.

Choose From 2 Modes of Play

There is no solo play in Evil Lands as the game is strictly an online real-time multiplayer RPG. Instead, you get to choose between two online multiplayer modes. These include Co-op and PvP modes. In PvP mode, you battle it out with other players to find out who is the badest hero in Evil Lands.

Co-op play, in turn, takes you through a series of quests where other players join in and come to your aid sometimes. Getting assistance can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. For instance, if you are the kind of player who takes pride in doing it alone, getting help during battles may not sit well. However, when facing a tough big boss or surrounded by evil creatures, the assist will be more than welcome. The good news, though, is that you get the reward (in the form of gold or gems) upon winning each round. Also, you may teleport randomly to the location of other players to lend a hand.

A Wealth of Gameplay Activities to Discover

One great thing about Evil Lands is that there is no autoplay whatsoever. You control your character as well as gameplay right from the bat. And, there is a lot of action going on with tons of compelling quests that feature simple missions like anhilate the undead king and wipe out the fallen Troll. The gameplay also includes unlocking and exploring various maps and upgrading your character.

Each character class begins with a weapon unique to them. The Sorceress uses a magical staff, the Assassin a sword, and Warrior an ax. There is also a great deal of armor and other weapons that you can acquire with time and use to make your character more powerful. Cool rewards like Ring of Might, Holy Tiara, Mighty Sword, among others are also up for grabs during play. These provide various powers that make your character more lethal during attacks.

You get to enjoy all this under the backdrop of some amazing graphics. The game features console-like 3D graphics, which depict realistic beautiful colorful worlds filled with forests, undulating hills, occupied villages, bare lands, dark crystal-like dungeon lands, and so much more. You will be hard-pressed to resist stopping to take a screenshot in the middle of a battle, which you can do by the way.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Evil Lands Online Action-RPG on PC

  • Boost your Stats Regularly

The main currencies in this game are gold and gems. You earn these precious items after taking down an evil creature or collect them as part of the loot. Use the points to boost your Vitality, Strength, Speed, and Luck stats. The stronger you are generally, the more powerful your attacks will be on the evil creatures. That, in turn, leads to you winning more gold and gems, which you can use to buy armor and weapons, upgrade skills, unlock treasure chests, and make other game purchases.

  • Take out Big Monsters to Level Up Quickly

Do not be surprised when you cannot proceed to the next quest after you have accomplished the mission at hand. Some quests just cannot be unlocked until you have reached a certain level. For instance, your character (be it Sorceress, Assassin, or Warrior) has to have attained level 6 status to be able to proceed to the game’s third quest.  That means you have to add more victories to your repertoire if unable to move forward after taking down the Troll.

While you can go on a wild spree and take down all low-level evil creatures you come across, it will take many triumps and a bit of time to level up. It is much faster to go for bigger monsters like the corrupt creature. Remember this the next time you find yourself stuck within a certain quest level. You could also level up by using gems and gold to upgrade your character’s skills.

  • Go on Raids

While all quests have a specific target, you should spend a bit of time raiding the area. The game has an in-built mile marker that points you in the right direction. You also see how many miles your location is from the next quest target. Rather than instantly following the mile marker guide, explore the area a little. While at it, collect loot and eliminate a few monsters. You can come back to the mission at hand after you have had your fill.


About Evil Lands Online Action-RPG:

Evil Lands Online Action RPG is relatively new. It has a number of issues that need to be ironed out. Many players have expressed that the game is a bit buggy and could do with more content. The list of character classes is also very short, and there is no option for payer customization, except for dressing up in different armor. Hopefully, the creators will work on improvements, but this is still a decent game all the same. The gameplay is kept simple with no in-depth storyline to play out. You just run around hacking and slashing monsters while enjoying stunning animations and graphics. Who can turn down endless hacking and slashing?

Developer: Rage Quit Games LLC
Download: Android or iOS

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