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How to play

How to play Evil Hunter Tycoon on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
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Tycoon Game with a Fresh Twist

As adorable, funny, and relaxing as tycoon games are, the idle clicker style of this genre is not for everyone. With Evil Hunter Tycoon, things are quite different. While the game has clicker elements, it also throws in a mix of RPG, simulation, and survival elements.

At the heart of it, though, Evil Hunter Tycoon for PC and mobile is a base building game. It puts you as the chief of a small town that was destroyed by the Dark Lord. As a result, you will need to (1) re-build and upgrade the town and (2) raise and manage an army of hunters whom you will send out for resources.

Build a home for Hunters

Hunters are at the center of this game. They head out into fighting areas to kick some monsters around and collect much-needed survival elements. The gathered resources, however, need to be stored somewhere. Additionally, the hunters require a place to rest and recuperate from the harsh elements of the outside. So, this is where the building part of the game comes in.

Featured in the game is a ‘Construct’ button that you click on, select the building you want, and drag it into the town. It costs several gold coins to put up any structure/facility.

It is essential to plan the placement of your buildings because you do not have a ton of space at your base. For example, you can have all hunter buildings and the infirmary close to each other while entertainment spots (restaurant, tavern, inn, etc.) adjacent to each or on another part of town. Keep in mind, though, that you can always move buildings by tapping and holding onto each one and dragging it to a new location. So, if you come up with another town layout well into the game, you can always switch things up.

Multiple Game Diff iculty Levels to Choose From

Evil Hunter Tycoon for PC is not one of those easy-to-pick-up-and-play games. The chances are it will take you quite a bit of time to learn what it is all about, let alone master how to play. Luckily, you can start slow thanks to the game’s eight diff iculty modes that range from easy to hard to expert and more.

Quests to Follow

While you can dive into the game’s world and explore to your heart’s content, the best way to make systematic progress is playing through the novice quests. Evil Hunter Tycoon for PC is a semi-automated game with quests serving as a sort-of guide. In the beginning, playing through quests will lead you to the significant buildings to construct first. Later on, each completed mission will introduce new play elements and guide you to the materials you will need for the level you are currently playing.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Evil Hunter Tycoon on PC

  • Re-build the Destroyed Town Quickly

Having fully-stocked buildings will get things moving seamlessly. Therefore, this is why your primary focus should be to complete your town quickly.

While every building in the town is essential, you should give priority to the necessary facilities. An infirmary, for one, provides a place for your hunters to heal their battle wounds, whereas a house serves as a place to rest and regain strength. The sanctuary of resurrection should also be among the first buildings you construct.

The Townhall is another building you should construct as soon as possible. Upgrades for it not only unlock new features but also give you access to more upgrades and enable the construction of new facilities.

  • Watch Over Your Hunters

You cannot trade items, construct buildings, or make progress in the game without sending out your hunters to gather resources. So, it is crucial to give your hunters what they need to keep going. Attacks from monsters decrease several hunter stats, including HP, Satiety, and Mood. The infirmary and restaurant are the places where health points and the satiety gauge recover. If you want a mood gauge boost, then make sure to head over to the tavern. Stamina decreases naturally with time, but it renews at the inn. It is also possible to revive dead hunters at the Sanctuary of Resurrection.

Another vital thing to do for your hunters is to provide them with regular upgrades. Areas to focus on include ATK, DEF, and CRIT. High ATK increases the amount of damage a hunter will inflict on monsters, while high DEF reduces the level of damage hunters get from monster attacks. CRIT, in turn, can be boosted to a max of 50% and enables a hunter to inflict 1.5x or more critical hit damage on monsters.

  • Go on Raids and Bounty Hunts Often

The more resources you get in Evil Hunter Tycoon, the further you will be able to advance in the game. One way of loading up on supplies fast is to go on dungeon raids. You will get loads of rewards from such missions. Loot increases the more often you raid, especially on higher dungeon floors. Bounty hunts, in turn, make a great way to make in-game money while leveling up your hunters at the same time. There are around 25 dungeon raids per diff iculty level while there is always a bounty hunt going on.

  • Do not Forgo Freebies

From daily log-in rewards to treasure chests that pop up all the time, there is always a good deal you can capitalize on in Evil Hunter Tycoon. You can collect tons of rewards from your welcome email, whereas watching ads is an easy way to get more gold. Additionally, always have your hunters scour the battlefield for loot and gold after a battle.


About Evil Hunter Tycoon:

If you are looking to play a base-building game with idle gameplay features, then this simulator from Super Planet is right up your alley. With Evil Hunter Tycoon for PC, you are in for a long ride because there is so much to do. Have fun building your town and an army of hunters to do your bidding. The game keeps introducing new elements that get more interesting the deeper you get into play. Your overall progress will depend on the amount of time you put into the game and how good you are at managing your town.

Developer: Super Planet
Download: Android or iOS

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