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World War I Themed Game

EasyTech, the game publisher, has released yet another exciting game under the title European War 6: 1914. You can download it on the app store and Google Play. So, to dispel any confusion, this is the sequel to European War 6: 1804 that came out as exclusively a PC-based game. If you are a big fan of the series, keep in mind that you can still use an emulator like MEmuplay or Bluestacks to play European War 6: 1914 for PC.

The war theme continues prominently even in this release. However, the focus this time shifts from the Napoleonic ear to World War I.

You will be able to play three modes, with the first one being the primary campaign. It consists of ten chapters with 15 battles each. Every mission gives a brief historical context as well. Therefore, you will learn about famous battles that took place during the Great War. In these quests, players traverse four continents, namely Europe, Africa, as well as North and South America.

You can also play the conquest mode that involves expanding your empire. Alternatively, challenge other players in the multiplayer arena for some real-time war battles.

Open Field Warfare

When it comes to the fighting, playing European War 6: 1914 for PC or on mobile is not complicated at all. The troops fight automatically. As a result, your focus will mostly be on managing your forces. For example, you have to decide which units to send into battle. There is also the task of positioning them in strategic positions. Ultimately, your eforts will focus on trying to have a tactical advantage over your opponents.

During combat, morale can be in different states such as rising, falling, severely falling, or in chaos. It affects the battle outcome in different ways depending on whether your side is winning or losing a battle. For instance, when flanking an enemy division from all sides, this will lower their spirits. When morale is in chaos, attack power, and HP not only take a dip, the affect units also can’t move or counterattack. In the same vein, stats increase when morale is rising.

Build a Strong Army

Besides leading battalions into war, there are plenty of other activities that will keep you busy in European War 6: 1914. For starters, you have to recruit generals from the military school if you want to have a strong army. There are other high ranking military leaders in the game that served in World War I and II as field marshals, kings, and admirals. Such commanders offer a bonus to battle squads. You can recruit them by spending gold and medals, completing mainline quests, or via in-app purchases.

It is essential to train your ship, fort, infantry, cavalry, and artillery troops because this will increase HP and ATK stats for your units. You can use your gold coins and medals for this activity. These resources also buy items for them from the shop. Get anything from a compass to weapons and body armor. Selling surplus medical supplies will generate some gold that you can then use to buy gear from the shop.

Building captured cities is another dimension in the game that you will be involved in while expanding your empire in the conquest mode. These urban spaces can have all sorts of facilities that directly or indirectly support your military forces. For instance, you can build a market, farm, university, and industrial zone to increase the population that will have men who can join the army. Alternatively, facilities like the naval fort, factory, and stable train recruits and turn them into battle units.

What’s more, European War 6: 1914 features a diplomacy system. Here, you get to use your negotiation skills to avert bloodshed. Alternatively, declare war on enemy countries and use your diplomacy to join allies who will support your army.

Tips & Tricks for Playing European War 6: 1914 on PC

  • Know Your Troops

All the units in European War 6: 1914 have percentage stats that indicate the amount of damage they can inflict on different types of targets. For instance, infantry and cavalry units can cause 50 to 75 percent damage on city defenses. In comparison, artillery soldiers will work faster when you want to besiege cities thanks to a DMG stat of up to 125 percent on troops deployed to defend cities. Therefore, check the stats because this will allow you to station troops where they will be the most effective.

  • Prioritize on Eliminating Enemy Generals

As mentioned earlier, generals give troops various boosts. Think of them as the muscle of any battalion. Therefore, you should focus on eliminating generals first to weaken and reduce the morale of the rival team. What’s more, this will reduce the amount of damage the rival top-ranking military off icer can inflict on your army.

  • Upgrade Cities

Upgrading facilities in cities will unlock new divisions for recruitment, offer economic bonuses, improve unit attributes, or increase the upper limit for populations. Therefore, ensure to enhance industrial zones, farms, markets, national technology centers, military academies, markets, and farms for every city that you capture as soon as possible.

  • Use Battle Terrain to Your Advantage

The battlefields in European War 6 allow for some tactical planning when it comes to deciding the best way to carry out your military operations. For instance, hills, mountains, and woodlands reduce the impact of artillery and cavalry troops by 15%. What’s more, deserts, snow, rivers, and reefs will have an effect on mobility consumption for various war vessels. Some areas also have barriers, trenches, and existing bunkers that offer an attack or defense bonus for various units. Therefore, take time to learn how the terrain affects different troops and war equipment then use that knowledge to your advantage when engaging in battle.

  • Let Generals Command Powerful Units

Although you can assign generals to many different troops when playing European War 6: 1914, it is smarter to let your top-ranking military off icers command the most powerful units. For instance, heavy artillery, heavy cavalry, grenadiers, and elite light infantry tend to have the highest HP and attack values. Such divisions will offer better protection than weaker ones, thus allowing your general to last longer in battle.

  • Restore Energy

When divisions take a dip in energy, you can restore it by moving them onto temples. You will find this facility in some of the cities, so keep an eye out for it. You can also build a temple in every captured city. It will increase an entire division’s energy by eight percent.

  • Collect Your Prizes

Finally, make sure to collect your rewards from the achievements tab. Keep in mind, though, that the loot in this section only becomes available after you accomplish specific goals. The rewards can include things like gold, metal, medical corps, iron swords, daggers, and so much more.


About European War 6: 1914:

If you are into military-themed games, then European War 6: 1914 is for you. It has elements of war strategy and base building that will keep you busy for hours on end. Keep in mind that this is a continuation of a series of battle games that EasyTech has already released. This time, you will go down history to lead your troops into famous battles that took place during World War I. The gameplay is packed with lots of activities that will have you recruit historically significant generals, conquer key cities, win princesses as war trophies, and get involved in diplomatic missions that either end the war or strengthen your army with backing from strong allies.

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