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Eternal City for Your Windows / Mac PC – Download and Install

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About Eternal City:

Developer: X.D. Global
Download: Android or iOS

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Download and Play Eternal City on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Action-Packed Mystery Game for Everyone

If there was ever a video game that has successfully managed to encompass most of the different preferences for players, Eternal City from NetEase Games would be it. Anime fans are in for a treat with this game’s top quality graphics, while those who love combat games will have the time of their lives during the many fights that take place. Even RPG fans are in for a wonderful experience.

The game takes place in a beautiful coastal city with all the settlements of modern civilization. As for the backstory, you will be thrown into a city which got its beauty and peace destroyed by a ‘Black Gate’. That is a mysteriously portal that appeared out of the blue one day and brought with it monsters from other dimensions.

A few humans (referred to as Wielders) discovered they possessed special abilities that allowed them to yield mythical weapons, which can destroy both the black gate and the monsters that have invaded the city. Now, this is where you come in as a player. You take on the role of ‘Commander’ whereby your duty will be to guide the wielders through the city, fighting monsters and collecting black cores. There is a catch though. You only have 7 days to save the city. If this time elapses before you succeed, the game resets and you will have to start all over again fighting monsters, unlocking wielders, and trying to close the main black gate plus mini-gates that begin to open up and corrupt nearby towns.

Plot Your Own Path

Your ultimate objective as the commander will be to lead wielders towards securing Eternal City. This entails killing all monsters and closing the black gates that are bringing them in. Since the city is huge, you will have to do this bit by bit whereby you liberate one town after the other. Every liberation attempt stretches over 6 stages of battle, which culminate with a huge fight against a boss. After successfully liberating an area, you can then upgrade and restructure the region. You can also participate in a variety of activities pertaining to the newly unlocked town or area.

You will find that there is a lot of things to discover and explore as you delve deeper into the game. As you continue to play, you will unlock a variety of cutscenes with a number of dialogue choices. Every choice you make will take you through a different path.

Revel in Unrivaled Combat Experience

The best and most fun part of this game is arguably the fights. In addition to being fast and challenging, you have plenty of advantages going for you. Your wielder can dodge monster attacks by literally running away and also direct their hits towards specific body parts. Battle armors, in turn, are shields you can depend on to absorb hits and reduce damage from weapons.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Eternal City on PC

Log into the Game Daily

Even if you are not an active player of Eternal City, each day you log into the game comes with the opportunity of getting a reward. These free gifts are completely random, so there is no way of knowing what you will be able to seize. Even so, make it a habit to log in daily. You could be losing out on Gold, upgrade equipment, Opals (the game’s premium currency) or even a free wielder if you do not.

Another easy way of acquiring rewards is to take on quests. You can take on a quest at any given time since it is as easy as clicking on the ‘Quest’ icon on the lower left side of the screen.

Get to Know all Wielders

Every wielder has different skill sets listed out in an overview section. Wielders also belong to different classes that define their general attributes as well as what roles they are best suited for in battle. A further breakdown of every wielder’s specific attributes is also given. Study this carefully as it will help you strategize battles better. When you know what attributes and strengths each wielder brings to battle, you will be able to know what wielder will secure the best outcome against an opponent at a particular stage. It also helps you to know what upgrade equipment to assign to which wielder for a more powerful impact of leveling up.

Switch out Wielders Regularly

Every wielder has a given limited fatigue level. Exhaustion sets in with each battle, development undertaking, or patrol round. Due to this, wielders can only do so much in a given day. To balance things and get more done in a day, switch out your wielders regularly. Doing so will ensure all your wielders have some energy left in them at the end of a day.

Upgrade Your Wielders and get New Ones

Battles grow increasingly tough with every town you seek to liberate. To help your wielders handle the growing challenges, you must upgrade them on a regular basis. You should also unlock new wielders whenever you can. The more you have in your corner, the higher your chances of winning battles.

Finish Your Day Right

Before you log out of the game after a day’s worth of play, there are two simple routines you should follow. First, collect your supply box by tapping on the box icon at Central Department. The box contains memorial tickets, which you can use at the Memorial Store to buy a whole range of items including Soul Shards, Kagesos (equipment), and Opals.

After that, grab your midnight snack. This entails restoring fatigue for three of your wielders. Select wielders with the lowest fatigue so that you can use them more the following day.

How To Download And Install Eternal City on PC:

  1. To begin, you have to Download and Install Bluestacks. If that is not your first choice for an emulator, you can use Andyroid or Ipadian.
  2. For your next step, you have to log in to your Google Play account. If you do not have register a new one. It is easy and fast.
  3. Go to the search box in Bluestacks and type “Eternal City” without the quotes, of course.
  4. Then click the “Install” button next to the game and wait for the download to complete.
  5. That is it! You can now enjoy your freshly installed copy of “Eternal City” on your favorite PC!


To say that Eternal City is a great game would be an understatement. With this RPG, the action is never-ending, the fights are thrilling, and the overall gameplay (including graphics and character depictions) is excellent. The best part though is the many paths of play you can take, which make for a wonderful captivating experience. Even if you make it all the way to the end of the 7th day with a favorable outcome, you can play the game all over again and enjoy a completely new experience by making different choices during play. That is what makes this game a hit.


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