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Escape Prison or Survive Incarceration

Clicker FunTime’s Escape or Imprison is now available on Android. It offers a fun concept that will keep you glued to your screen. As the title implies, you find yourself behind bars. The circumstances leading up to your incarceration are of no importance. What matters now is devising a plan to escape by any means necessary. But, it won’t be an easy task to break free. You are locked up in a penitentiary with armed guards, dogs and watch tower snipers. The facility is equipped with high tech surveillance equipment, including helicopters to scout for fugitives. Do you have it takes to escape when the odds are stacked against you? Find out by challenging yourself in this escape game on your phone or PC.

Plan Your Jail Break

Escape or Imprison truly lives up to its name by offering gameplay that depicts the life of convict behind bars. Besides escaping from jail, this game is also about surviving prison life. To that end, players will join prison gangs for protection. But, that comes at a cost. You may be called upon to beat up other inmates as part of doing your gang’s bidding. On the other hand, plenty of work will go into making the escape plan come to fruition. That may involve evading security cams, disabling control rooms, and even sneaking behind guards to stab them in the back or snap their necks. You will require stealth to succeed in every mission. Goals keep changing in the storyline missions and you can play survive mode as well.

Collect Items to Aid Your Escape

Every mission you complete comes with rewards like cash, player EXP, and gems. Game currency will buy you all kinds of items, including inmate outfits that will make your character stand out instead of donning the mundane orange jumpsuit. However, cash is best spent on items that will aid in your escape. For instance, you may spend cash to arm your inmate with a military knife, pipe wrench, baton, fire axe, colt, or Glock. Armed guards will not hesitate to shoot you, so having a weapon will be essential if you want to get out of prison alive.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Escape or Imprison on PC

  • Follow the Clues

There is always something specific you need to do in each mission. When you see the green or red light with a downward pointing arrow, it means you are in the right place. Look out for such clues to help you finish missions quickly.

  • Use the Map

The mini-map on your top left corner offers a layout of your current location as well as indicators of other people in that area. Red dots are guards and police while the green arrow is your target. Use the information provided on the game map instead of guessing where to go.

  • Use Grenades Effectively

In Escape or Imprison, your character can get access to some hand grenades but only a few. So, make sure to use your limited explosives wisely. The best time to hurl a grenade is when going into a heavily guarded section of the prison. In such cases, you can take out multiple guards in one fell swoop instead of getting into a brawl when you are outnumbered.

  • Collect Your Rewards

Make sure to claim extra rewards when playing Escape or Imprison. You can claim the daily sign-in award, visit the achievement tab for honor coins, or take a spin in the lucky draw to win a random prize. From medkits, ammo and grenades to inmate outfits and game currency, lots of free rewards are available for you to claim.


About Escape or Imprison:

Escape or Imprison lets players live out a thrilling experience by doing whatever it takes to gain freedom. The gameplay gives a taste of prison brawls besides simulating the act of trying to break out of jail. It even has puzzle mini-games that pop up when opening locks, breaking entry codes or disabling security cams. The controls are easy to use and players can explore an elaborate 3D prison layout. However, sometimes it may feel a bit unrealistic when you are in plain sight of a prison guard who for some reason fails to recognize your presence. Also, it would have been great if other inmates would cheer on when fights break out. Save for those few flaws, this creation from Clicker FunTime is fun to play, especially for anyone who is into room escape type of games.

Developer: Clicker FunTime
Download: Android or iOS

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