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How to play

How to play Era of Celestials on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Era of Celestials Apk from the Store.
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Download, Install and Play Era of Celestials on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Story-Based RPG

A creative backstory is what makes any RPG entertaining and fun to play. Era of Celestials by GTarcade offers just that for gamers who want to take on the role of a hero. The setting takes you to a time when the world is on the brink of destruction. A relentless demon on a mission to wipe out humanity has broken the seal that once kept it at bay and is slowly rising from the deepest recesses of hell. Mighty celestial beings, the Elysians, summon their greatest champions of the land to join them in battle. Among all the warriors, you are chosen to inherit their powers and take on the Archdemon. Will you slay this ancient evil for good and usher in a new era of peace? Find out by playing Era of Celestials on PC and embark on the Path of the Vanquisher.

Character Progression Quests

Before embarking on your adventure in Era of Celestials, the first step is choosing a character. You may play as a Mage, Warrior or Archer. The game has a lot of recorded dialogue and narration voiceovers that take you through the quests. Your character will slay dragons, demon soldiers and monsters as well as collect loot along the way. There are new celestial abilities to gather, which will prepare you for the grand battle with the Archdemon. What’s more, your character’s BR (Battle Rating), HP (Horse Power) and ATK (Attack) stats increase with each level you clear.

Wide Selection of Game Modes

Playing Era of Celestials on PC fun is because the game offers a wide selection of modes. There is a lot of automation in the gameplay. You can easily finish most of the quests without moving a finger. This offers an easy way to speed through the game’s high-level cap. For those who want to immerse themselves into the game fully, it is possible to play manually. Many other modes will unlock as you level up. A few examples include PvP showdowns, Boss Hunts, Group Events and EXP instances. With a slew of activities, Era of Celestials will keep you engaged. and offer great entertaining quests that keep introducing new things to do.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Era of Celestials on PC

• Transform into an Angel
During battles, your character can take on the form of any Angel they have unlocked. Once the rage meter is full, tap it to transform. Transforming into an Elysian gives you special celestial abilities that destroy any type of demon.

• Unlock New Elysians
Unlocking new Elysians will add to your collection of celestial abilities. You can unlock new angels by upgrading your current ones with Basic Essence. Collect this item by completing quests, events and pursuing the game’s storyline.

• Partner UP
As you play the game, you will start to acquire Sprites. These loyal protectors will have your back and help you slay enemies during combat. Sprites come to your aid in different ways. Therefore, deploy them according to their strengths to create a good strategy for different battle situations.

• Play Different Modes
There are over a dozen game modes in Era of Celestials. As you unlock various game modes, make sure to play all of them. They offer a great way to veer off the main storyline. More importantly, you stand to earn bonus rewards such as rubies, equipment, crafting materials, chests, runes, gems, and more.

• Spend Coins
After completing quests and winning battles, you will earn gold and mode-specific coins. You can use your in-game currency to unlock special skills as well as purchase fragments, soul stones or portions that boost attack power or offer healing properties.


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