Epic Conquest 2 for PC: Game Review & Free Download Links

Become the Ultimate Hero

For all the lovers of RPGs, the much-awaited sequel Epic Conquest 2 is now out. This classic single-player role-playing game is fun to play and has a combat style that makes it unique among its peers in the genre.

You will employ a combination of talents, fighting techniques, and weapons to battle and conquer an array of enemies. There are plenty of foes to encounter along the way, and the challenge is to get rid of them all.

As the ultimate hero in Epic Conquest 2, you will have a vast collection of costumes to change and upgrade into and thus, boost your power level. Additionally, the game has simple graphics. Best of all, you can play Epic Conquest 2 offline, even on PC.

A Variety of Skills

In Epic Conquest 2, you have a variety of skills and masteries for your character. You can combine these two skill sets to create the persona that best suits your build. The ratio is, for every four skills, you have to match them with one mastery ability.

Some of the skills include:

  • Tackle (this technique breaks the monster’s shield making it easy for you to go for the kill)
  • Crescent Slash (with this skill, you will be able to wield a wide slash and increase the fundamental attack skills temporarily)
  • Round Slash (all enemies within the vicinity will feel the brunt of this slash, and you will inflict 5-damage points on them)
  • Impact Crash (you will take the enemy by surprise with this ability by leaping and hitting the ground)
  • X Saber (this is a shockwave that travels gradually and unleashes many heavy hits on the enemy)
  • Cross Clash (deals damage to the monsters through the infliction of two slashes on a wide area).
  • Likewise, masteries also have a role they play when you are in a battle with the monsters. Some examples include Knight’s Bravery, Iron Will, Tenacity, Fortitude, and Relentless Assault.

Other Game Features

Epic Conquest 2 has a lot of consumables to help you improve your playstyle. Every one of them has its own advantages. For instance, the herbs help to restore 45 HP, and apples give you back 65 HP.

0n the other hand, apples are the go-to remedy to repair 50 MP (motion points. Bandages treat bleeding, and antidote heals poisoning. However, keep your distance from the mushrooms because they are lethal. These are but a few of the consumables you will find in the game.

You will get your consumables from the inventory before the beginning of a fight. Therefore, ensuring you have allocated the correct ones for the level of monster you are battling against is essential.

Additionally, take advantage of the task of clearing the forest of monsters. It goes hand in hand with the main storyline. Enemies in these quests are easy to fight and defeat. Upon getting the victory, you will gain valuable EXP. With that in mind, do not ignore this task because that will only slow down your progress.


Tips & Tricks for Playing Epic Conquest 2 on PC

• Key an Eye for Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures in the world of Epic Conquest 2 offer numerous rewards for you to collect. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled to avoid missing any. Some of the gifts include gold, rubies, and health points.

• Accomplish Daily Challenges

The game of Epic Conquest 2 has various daily challenges for you to take part in and accomplish. The more you finish, the higher the rewards to be collected. The gifts can vary from the in-game currencies to consumables, items, talents, HP, MP, and even hidden treasures. Therefore, take advantage of these daily tasks to reap the rewards.

• Figure Out the Enemy

Epic Conquest 2 has a feature that allows you to study your enemy’s skills. As a result, you can determine the best strategic attack you will take against them.

Each monster has a different fighting style. Additionally, it is advisable to evade attacks from the boss. That is how you will be able to beat them easily.

Furthermore, the faster way to finish off foes is breaking their shield and then dealing them the final blow.

• Level Up Your Weapons

Weapons in the game of Epic Conquest 2 are only upgradable by spending gold. There are many kinds to choose from, including options made of different materials like iron, thin hide, and bone pieces.

The components you need to make weapons are available in the blacksmith’s in-game shop. You earn other materials like crystal eye and Bogu horn after defeating the boss in a fight. Leveling them up will also give you a better fighting chance against the monsters.

How to play

How to play Epic Conquest 2 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Epic Conquest 2 Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Epic Conquest 2 on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Epic Conquest 2:

Epic Conquest 2 is a fun RPG by the indie studio Gaco Game made for the Android and iOS platforms. You will be playing the persona of Claris, whose purpose is to defeat monsters and keep the villagers safe. She is a knight and part of a squad. At the Knight’s Hall, you will get missions to take part in and a list of instructions and guidance to aid you in the mission. Skills, weapons, fighting techniques, and consumables will be required for you to be successful in the long run. Along the way, there will be goodies to collect like gold, rubies, and hidden treasure. So, what are you waiting for, brave knight? Download this sequel and have fun playing it on PC.

Developer: Gaco Games
Download: Android or iOS

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